An Overview

Prasinos is a Dungeons & Dragons world, built on the foundations of Greyhawk. Through years of play, many of the specifics have evolved, and the stories of the gods have diverged from D&D canon. Prasinos still has much in common with Greyhawk, and this wiki will primarily focus on the things about Prasinos that are different from standard D&D settings.

History (DMG)

About this Wiki

Throughout this wiki, there are pages categorised as PHB (Players Handbook) and DMG (Dungeon Master's Guide) pages. PHB pages are written to provide in-world perspectives on subjects and are accurate to the best of common knowledge.

DMG pages are written from an objective point of view and contain lost and secret knowledge that may come in handy while running a game, but isn't recommended for players.

Additionally, dates are given in New Era notation; the end of The Isolation is 1NE, and dates before are referred to as BNE and ascend backwards from The Isolation.

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