Creatures of Prasinos

The creatures on this page are the ones allowed for use as player characters. Although some of these peoples are rarely seen travelling, even the rarest among these are capable and occasionally motivated to adventure.


Natural roamers with the upper body of a human and the lower body and legs of a horse. Most often thought of as stoic or even inscrutable by other people; their taciturn nature can lead to others regarding them as aloof or cold.


Demi-humans are unique humans with animal-like qualities who come from a wide variety of backgrounds - typically affected by magic before birth, blessings from an animal patron, or in some cases a curse.


Doppelgangers are mysterious shapeshifters who have been discovered occasionally around Prasinos. While they have natural forms, they rarely let themselves be seen this way.


Humans whose bloodline has been crossed with dragons. The dragons influence on Prasinos has been severed for a thousand years, and only one dragonborn is currently known to exist.


Hearty and stocky people who are inclined toward working the earth, dwarves are most commonly associated with mining and stonework but also excel as farmers and city planners. To other people, dwarves can often seem stubborn or resistant to change.


Slender, graceful, fey-touched and highly varied. Elves are uniquely able to adapt to any environment and reluctant to venture from it once they have settled in.


Tiny, quick-witted and mercurial creatures who seem to exist halfway between the mundane world and the world of dreams. Fae are most often treated with some suspicion or unease by other people, as their motivations can be difficult to understand (and are often explicitly secret).

The majority of fae are content to follow their interest of the moment, but occasionally a faerie is struck by an obsession that becomes the focus of their life. Obsessed fae have been known to leave Wilderloss and band together with travelers in pursuit of their obsession.


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Unable to hold their own ground in the conflicts between salamanders, kobolds and humans, goblins are thought to be completely extinct on Prasinos.


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Half-giants are descendants of the primordial titans who proudly bear marks of that lineage. Beyond their great size, each half-giant shares traits with one of the seven titans. Modern half-giants wander the world on a never-ending quest to spread their bloodlines, and integrate amicably with most other societies.


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Most consider humans to be adventurous and curious, although some who take a dim view might be instead call them meddlesome and nosy. Humans take a keen interest in the world around them and the affairs of other cultures, whether you like it or not.


Small humanoids with dragon heritage who make their homes in the caves and mountains in southern Old Home. A kobold adventurer is most likely an outcast who did not fit into kobold society, or an agent of a dragon.


Amphibious humanoid snakes, who appear superficially like a triton with the lower body of a snake. Unlike yuan-ti, naga are unrelated to humans and are directly descended from snakes.




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Salamanders are large amphibious humanoids who prefer hot and humid climates, and rarely stray far from the equator.


Humans whose bloodline has been corrupted by demons. Demonic influence on Prasinos has been low for a thousand years, and no tieflings are known to remain.


Amphibious fish-like humanoids who protect the seas of the Marine Chain from all manner of external and internal threats. Getting along with triton is easily done unless you're a sahuagin or a friend of sahuagin.


The descendants of humans who were fashioned into serpentine assassins by Zehir in order to spread terror and chaos in the young world.