Outer Gods

Gods who originate outside of Prasinos are referred to commonly as Outer Gods. There are countless gods in the universe, but only a few have strong ties to Prasinos. These are known to locals to varying degrees.

The Prasinian pantheon consists of two sets of gods, known as the Ring of Aspect and the Ring of Dragon.

Bahamut and Tiamat exist as the heads of their respective halves of the Ring of Dragon, and are also considered members of the Ring of Aspect. Other than those two, the affairs of the rings rarely intersect - to the degree that members of the two rings often have overlapping domains with no conflict.

Ring of Aspect

High Ring of Aspect

These gods are associated with kindness and construction, and broadly considered Good.


The Free Wind
Alignment Neutral Good
Domains Change, luck and travel
Followers Avandors, Broken Hearts
Heritors Halflings and centaurs
Symbols Green, yellow, dice, and cards
Allies Correlon, Glittergold, Moradin
Enemies Vecna, Lolth, Zehir, Gruumsh, The Raven Queen


Platinum King of Justice
Alignment Lawful Good
Domains Justice, protection, and nobility
Followers The Platinum Legion
Heritors Dragonborn, salamanders, and humans
Symbols Platinum, teal, heavy armour, and maces
Allies All metallic dragons
Enemies All chromatic dragons


Father of Elvenkind
Chaotic Good god of Beauty, Art, and Magic.
Patron of Elves.

Well known on Prasinos with worshippers around the world.

Garl Glittergold

Lawful Good god of Ingenuity, Luck, Protection, and Trickery.
The leader among the gnome deities, worshipped in small numbers across many races.
Patron of Gnomes.

Well known on Prasinos among gnomes and halflings.


Father of Dwarves
Lawful Good God of Family, Community and Craft. Patron of Dwarves.

Little known on Prasinos.


The Shining One, The Sunfather, The Dawnfather
Good God of Sun, Agriculture and Time.
Seasonal God of Summer.

Center Ring of Aspect

These gods are widely considered neutral, either by being impartial or by being too capricious to predict.


The Cosmic Scholar
Unaligned Goddess of Knowledge, Skill and Prophecy.

Well known on Prasinos.


The God-Hammer
Unaligned God of Storms, Battle and Strength.

Well known on Prasinos.


The Beauty of Spring
Unaligned Goddess of Wilderness, Nature, the Sea, and the Fey.
Seasonal God of the Spring and patron of fae and triton.

Well known on Prasinos.

The Raven Queen

Third God of Death
Unaligned Goddess of Death, Fate and Doom. Associated with black feathers, ravens, and raven skulls.
Seasonal Goddess of Winter.


Unaligned Goddess of Illusion, Love and the Moon.
Seasonal Goddess of Autumn and Patron of Elves.
Associated with white and silver.

Lower Ring of Aspect

These gods are generally associated with destruction, cruelty and evil.


Lawful Evil God of Tyranny and Domination. Lord of Devils.

Well known on Prasinos.


Chaotic Evil God of Slaughter, War, Conquest, and Destruction. Patron of Orcs, Revered by Goblinoids.

Well known on Prasinos.


Chaotic Evil Goddess of Shadow and Lies. Patron of Jailors and Torturers, Drow and spiders.

Well known on Prasinos.


Evil Goddess of Greed and Envy. Queen of the Chromatic Flight.


Maimed Lord, The Arch-Lich, Master of the Spider Throne, The Whispered One, The Undying King, Lord of the Rotted Tower, The Chained God, The Maimed God, Lord of the Hand and the Eye
Evil God of the Undead and Necromancy. Lord of Secrets.

Little known on Prasinos.


Evil God of Darkness and Poison. Favoured Deity of the Yuan-Ti and Patron of Assassins.

Little known on Prasinos.

Ring of Dragon

The Metallic Flight


Patron of the Chromatic flight, see above for biography.

Garyx the Gold

Gold King


Copper King


Silver Princess


Bronze Queen


Starmetal King

Unaligned Dragons

Astilabor, Asgorath, and Io

(As-TILL-a-bor, AS-go-rath, I-o)
The Ur-Dragon
Unaligned parent of all dragons, possessing masculine, feminine and nonbinary aspects.

The Chromatic Flight


Matron of the Chromatic flight, see above for biography.


King Green

Garyx the Red

King Red


King Black


King White


Queen Blue

Dead Gods


The Reaper King, Second God of Death
Nerull has been dead for over 1000 years.


Other gods exist in the universe who have not had direct dealings with the Prasinian Pantheon. This section is set aside to detail them as they become relevant.