Local Gods

Gods and godlike beings who are local



Son of Melora and Corellon, The Heart of Hunger

A gigantic wolf with six eyes. Protector of the circle of life, patron of hunters. Wanders the wilderness in Liarry.


Daughter of Kord and Moradin.

A rhinoceros covered in shifting tattoos who works to protect small, tightly knit communities. She tramples paths connecting small towns, and the dust she kicks up seeds rainclouds and nourishes crops.



Daughter of Melora and Corellon, Observer of All

A gigantic wolf with three eyes. Patron of neutrality, passive appreciation of the web of life, destiny. Able to manifest anywhere untouched by artifice.


The Living Dungeon, The Dungeon God Considers itself the body of the world. The veins of minerals in the planet's crust are its blood, and it yearns to unite it all near its heart under Outland.

The Waking Isle

An island that is thought to lay somewhere in the Storm Figure. A pet that was put on Prasinos by Melora to keep her children safe from the sea’s changing moods. Grows restless with no one to protect, and seeks out mortals to play with.


Daughter of the Raven Queen and Asmodeus.

A bird-like devil who metes gruesome punishments to people who seek arcane power - especially necromancers.



Offspring of Asmodaeus and Zehir

Santanafensmorderdondactyl is twenty snakes. Demigod patron of assasination, betrayal, subterfuge and usurpers.