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Detailed History of Events

2207BNE (Betrayal of the Doppelganger)

Avandra's Chosen

A group of adventurers worked to increase Avandra's influence and power in order to empower her to guide and protect the mortals of Prasinos.

  • Avandra's Follower / The First Doppelganger
  • Avandra's Shield
  • Avandra's Shadow
  • Avandra's Cudgel


Avandra's greatest supporter1) attracts the attention of other jealous gods - their love threatens the balance of power and Nerull aligns with Kord to terrorize and demoralize her.

Avandra sets them on a quest to increase her power and promises that once she is able, she will protect The Follower from the growing ire of the others.

2204 BNE

Having completed her quest, The Follower grew distrustful of Avandra's lust for influence. Avandra granted her the promised boon - the ability to hide from gods and mortals alike - and The Follower chose to disappear from Avandra's view along with everyone else's.

The Follower used her new power to blend in seamlessly and hid herself from Death and Avandra alike - becoming The First Doppelganger. The First Doppelganger still walks among the mortals of Prasinos, but who she is and what she wants are mysteries.

1500BNE (The Bold Get Rich)

1003BNE (All Gods Must Die)

667BNE (Rise of the Salamander)

223BNE (Revenge of the Meta-Harpy)

The Archdane Party (223BNE-212BNE)

Adventured around the Outland before settling the Shambles. Left the Shambles after several years to return to adventuring in the Outland.

  • Roque Batroque Lost at Harpy’s Drop, 212BNE
  • Carnivorous Lost at Harpy’s Drop, 212BNE
  • James Allen Archdane Lost at Harpy’s Drop, 212BNE
  • Jonas Hammerhand Killed by Meta-Harpy 212BNE
  • Rancorous Armbreak Killed at Atarikon 229BNE


Defeated Atarikon.


Founded settlements on the Shambles.


Returned from retirement to address unfinished business in the Outland. Separated at Harpy’s Drop, New Home

7BNE (The Last Chance)

The Skybreaker Party (7BNE - 1NE)

  • Lancel Archdane Retired to The Shambles, passed away approx 25NE
  • Jam Archdane Retired to The Shambles, passed away approx 25NE
  • Carnivorous Krkkit Retired to The Shambles, went missing 15NE
  • Allan Softcloak Presumed still alive (106NE)
  • Jonas Hammerhand III Living in Liarry (107NE)

Adventured in Haverness before traveling the world aboard the Skybreaker. United the mages of the world in breaking the seal of the Isolation, leading to the dawn of the new era.


Formed an adventuring guild in Haverness and made money harvesting useful monster parts.


Discovered the Seabreaker in its alcove beneath the Cave of the Collector in Haverness. After discovering its magical properties, converted it into an airship and dubbed it the Skybreaker.


Discovered the secret of the Isolation and spent the next years building the power necessary to break it.


Completed the dread ritual to undo the isolation. The Skybreaker and its crew of dozens were consumed. Thousands more died in the aftermath.

77NE (Nameless morons who were crushed by a butler)

77NE - The Break-in at Outland Museum of Art History

92NE - Railhead Breakers


Five years ago, this town was too small to have a name. Now, they're calling it Railhead. Workers poured in from all around to build a railway that's going to connect Ottombad to Carlston some day; but not everyone wants to live by an iron highway.

You are a group of hometowners displaced by the construction, dissatisfied rail workers or simply people who don't want to see Ottombad succeed. Join the demi-human Sardines McHotcobble to sabotage (or steal) the experimental locomotive “Overdriver”.

An adventure for characters Lv6. New age creature type/class allowances apply. Encouraged creatures: Demi-human, Centaur, Human.

Amy's Notes:

  • a group is assembled to push back against Ottombad's recent attempts to expand their railway into Carlston
  • Sardines McHotcobble and Sunrise Road are heading up the resistance
  • it is decided we will head out to where the locomotive is being held and attempt to either destroy it or ideally drive it off so it can be turned into scrap for repurposing
  • on the way to the trainyard we run across a couple head engineers
  • they inform us there is a shipment coming in in the morning, and mistake us for workers meant to collect it
  • we are allowed to go on our way
  • recoinnassance finds a back door into the warehouse holding the locomotive, there are also guards and an iron golem
  • Sunrise will be going with the construct Road Crew to distract the golem and other engineers to lure people off the tracks
  • we strike at dawn!
  • we are successfully able to infiltrate the warehouse but it turns out the locomotive is backwards on a turntable and we need to spin it
  • there is a hail of gunfire outside and it turns out Sunrise is down
  • velociraptors and teamwork take down the engineers inside, and the locomotive is fully spun and turned on
  • the golem is distracted outside and lured off the tracks through combat, then held in place by snakes
  • the locomotive is driven out and everyone hops aboard, picking up Sunrise Road to revivify him on the way out
  • only one survivor is left due to them surrendering
  • it is decided everyone except Pillbug will stick around to help the resistance
  • Stampede becomes a cryptid known to locals as the Railhead Bendybear and to others as the Railhead Hornybear

104NE - Call of the Dungeon-God

105NE - Into the Sea, Recklessly

106NE - The New Age of Magic

107NE - Metal Promenade

104NE - Call of the Dungeon-God


You are on the road near the greatest and oldest city in the world, the capital of Outland, Ottombad. It is a global trade center and you might be anyone from anywhere, with any backstory.

In the preceding months, there has been a rash of disappearances. Dozens of upper-class people have been packing up their valuables and heading out into the wild in the dead of the night. Nobody knows how many loners or nobodies may have disappeared.

Recently, people who have been missing for months have been found stumbling around the outskirts of the city, naked and emaciated, muttering the word “Atarikon”.

You have each heard the call. Something in the woods beckons you; “Bring your greatest treasures and lay them before Atarikon.”

Whether compelled or merely interested in the phenomenon, you have set out from the city in search of the caller.

105NE - Into The Sea


You have been given a once in a lifetime opportunity! Pirate Emperor Gjavree's flagship is moored outside of a dwarven ruin, which she calls “Dwarvesvillevania”. She believes that the anvil at the center of this ruin is a powerful ancient artifact, and whosoever retrieves it for her shall be promoted to be her first mates!

Gjavree is the Emperor and can have as many first mates as she wants!

You are either prisoners aboard the flagship or swabs looking for a better position. Two groups have gone in before you, and no-one has yet returned. One way or another Gjavree doesn't seem to be leaving without that anvil.

106NE - The New Age of Magic


You will be starting in an area called The Shambles, which is an archipelago in the northern reaches. It is temperate, but not tropical. In ancient times it was considered too rocky, treacherous and devoid of natural resources to really pay much attention to, but in reality it is completely hospitable now that it's been settled for a while. Civilization here is relatively young, but has been established for over 200 years.

The population counting all four major islands and the surrounding smaller islands is now nearly a million. There is a major city of about 250,000, two smaller cities with about 100,000 each and well around 400,000 divided among settlements, farms and fishing villages.

Even during The Isolation, many types of monstrous humanoid and more mundane monsters were still around, but in recent times purely magical nonsense beasts have begun to return. Rumors are beginning to spread of beholders and displacer beasts. Strange things from the sea are being spotted closer to civilisation every day. There might be a gelatinous cube somewhere around here.

People have started hearing commands from unseen speakers, telling them to do all manner of dangerous things. Some of you may have heard these calls.

106NE Characters

Volume One

Part 1

Session 1

October 30th, 2020

Monday, Harvester 24

Argyle and Bob work at the golem workshop, building golem manuals along with about a dozen other on-site wizards as part of Clarence Carnivorous' plan to use them to build a great bridge across Shattered Narrows.

Talinous Thune recognises Argyle is skilled but miserable and makes a deal with his friend Ghregg Terrestein to provide Argyle lodging. Ghregg runs the Hornet's Nest Inn on the southern outskirts of West Campbell.

Aloysius Thane has taken up residence at the Hornet's Nest, acting as a de facto bouncer. His presence alone is enough to keep most situations in check.

Oris and Mateas attempt to scam Al, but it doesn't fly.

The twins attempt to scam Argyle, and he buys it for now. He is going to procure underwater drilling equipment for a great underwater goldmine.

Tuesday, Harvester 25

Argyle attempts to cut Bob in on the underwater goldmine that has been offerred by the twins.

The twins run petty grifts at the docks.

Al makes an effort to spread the word of Bahamut but it does not go well.

Rowdy Iron Arms in training fill the Hornets Nest and sing songs about how much they dislike wizards.

Wednesday, Harvester 26

Rumours of Atarikon reach West Campbell.

Rumours of sea monsters menacing the fishing communities around Three Kings Strait.

Al has visions from Bahamut encouraging him to begin rebuilding the Platinum Flight.

Bob and Argyle see Clarence Carnivorous discussing possible threats of theft at the golem workshop.

Bob notices the office's lock has been tampered with. Neither Bob nor Archmagus Thune notice what has been changed - several of the master golem manuals have been altered. (4 of 16)

Bob intercepts the intruders as they return to make further alterations. Before they are able to, they engage in combat. Bob is knocked out, but the intruders leave him and escape. They can't risk their intentions being discovered.

Bob is rescued by resident wizards shortly after.

Thursday, Harvester 27

Bob and Thune discuss the break-in. Confused by the removed supplies, neither of them discovers the altered master manuals.

The golem workshop was going to close over Brewfest, but closes early for repairs and security upgrades. It is expected to return to normal operation by Patchwall 10.

Session 2

November 13th, 2020

Mateas and Oris get a fisherman gnome to let us hitch a ride in his cart We all riding with fisherman except Argyle and Bob Sprocket is the wife and Wricket Wrenchbasket is the child Fisherman name is Ratchett

Session 3

November 27th, 2020

If we want to fight the thingy, we should do some research There’s no foreman or anything we just should wake up early enough and convince the sailors to help us and let us join them when they sail out We go out on Clayton’s boat Meet a big ol shrimpy man, I stab him and get real uhhh shitty End up not able to breathe air; have to take some rounds to take off plate mail in order to get into the water without sinking Oris gets some really good fucking hits in and kills the aboleth I can only breathe under water We run into some Sahuagin who are upset that we killed the aboleth We. Go away from them without a fight! Which is good We get back to the docks, I try to help push the thing out of the water, get hurt even more Stuck underwater while friends are off doing stuff Big celebration for us! 227g, 1 rolled up sock, a gold tooth, a leather pouch of nice fish hooks In the sock – an unfamiliar coin, dark metal that’s not easily recognisable, one side has a crow atop of a rock, the other side has a skeletal crow in the same position Argyle took coin Called wizard school place to come collect the aboleth for wizard reasons

Session 4

January 8th, 2011

Arm wrestling lol Argyle and Bob talk about the raven queen coin (spooky god stuff idk) Al and the fish folk have some arm wrestling Bob, Argyle and Clay go back to the city to do some shopping and stuff Twins and I stay at the dock to watch the Aboleth; the Sahuagins come by, toss Matheas a sack of fish and shiny seashells, then leave Yeah that’s pretty much it so far lol It’s Brewfest Mateas tries to teach Al how to play his dice game but doesn’t actually know, he just cheats all the time anyway, so Al doesn’t actually learn anything, but the two still have a bit of a laugh Brewfest 6; wizards arrive!!! Centaur guy and book guy and (6 others, hired help) Offer us money and stuff, we agree to be their designated monster hunters There’s been a string of monstery murders throughout the last few years Centaur man seemed very absent minded….didn’t know what was going on really Uh yeah that stuff happened

Session 5

January 22nd, 2021

We go over to the school? The wizard school Been a few corpses found all mummified and we’ve been asked to find out why/how they were killed From preliminary investigation it seems like it would probably be caused through magical means but unsure, seems like physical means wouldn’t be possible to exsanguinate the bodies so quickly In the wizard schoolroom are two corpses Bob finds that both corpses have the same fine black dirt coating them in a couple places – black silt of the river that runs thru East Campbell Both guys were business owners Next step is travelling to the main city On the way we pass by some workers sifting black silt in the river; Argyle asks the driver to stop and gets out to talk to the workers It goes kinda terribly lol Bob goes up and talks, gets a tiny bit of info Sometimes bodies don’t rot much? Inspect some mud; not magical Get to the city, talk to a guard and after a lil bribing he tells us where to find the captain Gate Cpt Rinse sent us We meet cpt Slep Get list of victims – all businessmen of some sort Go thru to try and find the businesses where the victims were from First business doesn’t exist anymore, wasn’t able to bounce back Looked for clowns; lots of jugglers/entertainers in town for the final night of brewfest Found the most successful taverns/distilleries - Dock 21 and Rinsewind Go to Rinsewind to see who owns it now and ask some questions: Looks like it’s been renovated a lot recently 2 people out front tossing buckets of water onto it to clean off black dust We go in, sit down, have drinks and brunch and stuff It’s Aloysius’s birthday now! Waiter – Anna Rinse – co owner of the bar with her husband Mud barrels – there’s an empty one and a full one in the tavern – both have same stamp on there, red circle with a half sun- Smithy Rinsewind (name; brother of Anna) Empty barrel has lil scratch marks (I think) in it Smithy Rinsewind – distributor of barrels and stuff maybe? Go to Dock 21 – very relaxed vibe, some retirees, stuff like that A few barrels but not with the same brand as the previous ones, 1 empty one which is a little dried out like they’ve been left out for a while Ask the bartender here, the mud distilled lager is a new fad, only been popular the last couple years A sales guy came by 6-7 months ago and they tried it but didn’t like it; dead end Back to tavern and stuff, off to find Smithy Rinsewind He’s real weird His competitors are, for example, Ned, inferior apparently (I think it’s Smitty who’s killing people who bought silt off others…maybe? Yea) He’s been selling silt since 99 (it’s currently year 106), used to be a farmer He sells the silt to a whole buncha people, not just taverns

Located his home, went to the juggling show (Lovely Lady Lulu juggled 7 balls!); ended session with plans to go and investigate his home

Session 6

April 30th, 2021

Early evening of Friday, Brewfest 7 In the downtown area ish, about to head out to Smithy’s house Argyle sent familiar (crow) to check the place out Crow says that it found basically that the guy just came home, unloaded his barrels just before sunset and went into the house Barrels were heavy/full Party splits; Matteas goes with Argyle and Oris goes with Bob. Al is just hanging out keeping watch as he is not very sneaky Argyle and Matteas find a door into the cellar, once we all join up we decide to check it out together Descend into the basement Bob fails to be stealthy though he does try Matteas and Bob looking through; there are some crates at the back They don’t see too much, but matteas hears movement and stuff and there is light filtering down through the cracks in the ceiling Matt opens a crate Very stealthily; inside is just nasty old curtains We all investigate this Thing, and we are all thoroughly vexed Apparently it is a tube down which Argyle and Bob slide We all go down the tunnel Fight with some zombies: Matteas gets cursed and later gets downed, doesn’t heal properly when I try to lay on hands Random woman appears in a doorway, appears very angry and then very upset and then hoofs it away swearing angrily Standing over Matteas to protect him bc he’s not getting up Argyle is also cursed and then goes down Aloysius goes down right at the end of combat Matteas wakes up but he’s not breathing and he feels awful; has to manually remember to breathe before speaking?! Don’t know what’s going on Argyle same condition of Matteas Al is stable but not awake yet; Matteas and Argyle still on 0 but awake; Bob and Oris go to explore the next room where the lady came from Funky magic shit; Simulacrum spell, making a copy of people Copy of Guard Captain I think - spell not cast yet Lots of info about an amended ‘animate dead’ spell; makes the mummy ish things who can do the curse thingy. Curse makes those affected resistant to healing and potentially lose health every so often. Apparently we have like 10 hours to lift it before they die properly

Session 7

May 14th, 2021

  • Is this the one where bob was a shit farmer?

Level up!! Now level 3; took Oath of Devotion Get to a temple but none of the clerics can help Thune, wizard scholar centaur guy, comes up and helps but he’s super drunk so Al lays on hands to sober him up; he makes a teleport circle to go back to the wizard school Curses are removed!!! Lots of magic talk, the wizard headmaster is concerned about this but fascinated. Looks like whoever made it was self taught, and created a sort of mish mash of animate dead and clay golems. Potentially connected with the break-ins back in the other place that Argyle and Bob were investigating. Maybe Anna Rinse is the necromancer Argyle suggests the Rinse family is larger than we realised, maybe there’s another one who is interested in magic and Anna is just capitalising on her talents and whatever? Potentially trying to up Gate Cpt. Rinse by getting rid of Guard Captain Headmaster observes Argyle for a bit longer before healing him and stuff We go to bed for a much much needed rest Next day matteas and al spar, Al is downed, Argyle casts sleep on someone, Matteas runs after him to bonk him

Session 8

May 28th, 2021

  • Todd Drops out
  • Amy Observes

2nd of Autumn That night, Oris misty steps into Argyle’s room to steal his arcane focus; Argyle wakes up and spots him, so Oris fog clouds and zooms out We go out to meet with the Rinses to ask questions, and then to try and get a dirt mummy corpse for the academy Looking for Guard Cpt Rinse Meet with him in the basement thing and say what we found the other night Interesting talk; Argyle goads him into being defensive over the thingy; Cpt Rince definitely knows the murderer We collect a couple samples for the academy to inspect, and store them at the inn, then go back to look at Smitty’s place Smitty isn’t home and the door is locked, so we break in! Bob wanted to break the window, but Oris instead misty stepped inside and unlocked the door from the inside Investigate, find a locked chest with gold and paper money of all sorts of denominations, not typically found in one place Found his records book, filled with a lot of people’s names, with initial observations of potential customers; there are no Rinces or Rincewinds Argyle ponders his parents (something something) Conflict at the Rinsewind Tavern; it was the guard captain and the owner of the tavern, Anna Rinse Al goes down but we subdue both of them

Al is down; we discuss what to do Necromancer (Anna Rinse) is taken away so we can take her to the magic college; Cpt is left so the authorities can take him in Authorities come, we tell them that the necromancer got away

Session 9

June 11th, 2021

Alti Eryx joins the party at the Fat Goblin Inn. They have heard of the party's deeds and are interested in aligning with them.

The party heads to VIES to deliver Anna, and are ambushed at a bridge by acolytes of Tiamat.

Part 2

Session 10

July 9th, 2021

Destroy Tiamat symbols, wait for the two remaining badguys to wake up Scare the guys into talking They caught a follower of the Gold Dragon near the temple, who said they were looking for me Trying to hook up with more metallic dragons to stand against Tiamat Apparently was gonna go to the Magic College to meet me, but was captured – he was carrying a scroll saying to meet the platinum dragon Temple – right off the path and go north through the forest, there’s a clearing with the temple Implying that if we go to the temple we will die – good insight shows that he is stunting for Tiamat,and the threat is probably not as bad as he says We knock the cocky guy out; the other guy seemed disenchanted with the whole Tiamat thing, so we let him go Al goes off to be angsty™ Anna Rinse backstory – she was sorta self taught, wanted to learn magic from a young age but wasn’t able to properly, idk Arrive at the college in the early morning of Monday 3 Patchwall Guys come around and take Anna to ask questions, as well as the mummy samples GET PAIIIDDDD 45k gold, shared between us so we each get 8 ish k which is given to us in platinum bars Al goes to bed but prays first, thanks Bahamut for his second chance or whatever but asks him what the hell is going on Cryptic dream: platinum egg shatters into 5 eggs of different metallic colours, meanwhile an egg as black as space splits open into five coloured eggs; moves to a view of the planet, I know that each of these two eggs are somewhere on this planet; vision of a small town filled with kobolds and salamander people, 5 headed dragon rears up in the distance large enough to blot out sky, village is consumed in fire Argyle catches me in the morning and tells me some backstory – his folks died a few months ago and the bodies weren’t shown to him, all of their money was willed to various companies and whatever. Argyle wants to find out what happened to them Have breakfast – agree to go off and find the temple, rescue the Golden Dragon follower Get to the temple and scout it out, Mateas is turned invisible and snoops around Kobolds eating lunch – 6 folks, 3 kobolds and 3 humans One kobold thought he saw something but Mateas snuck his way out like the stealthy bastard he is Way in through the library ish windows, there’s at least 8 people (gonna estimate 10-12), there’s a basement but no windows to it WHILE WE’RE DISCUSSING THE GAME PLAN A KOBOLD WALKS OUT OF THE OUTHOUSE AND SEES AL AND ARGYLE AAAAA

Session 11

July 23rd, 2021

maybe We manage to kill the kobold, but not before he shouts out and potentially signalled his pals Go in – Mateas sneaks around the back and then the rest of us barge in the front; Argyle webs the folks at the lunch table, someone else sets it on fire, we kill a bunch of dudes, etc One kobold sees me and says ‘wow it’s him’ or sth, a voice says to bring him upstairs (in draconic) Go and find the basement, kill a guy who had a big club (Mateas gets beat to shit, lol) and free the salamander lady, Golden Dragon follower, from prison

Session 12

August 6th, 2021

Fight some guys, free Seanit Beanit (salamander lady), kill Crunchface the head guy, and yeah Manage to do non-lethal damage to the final kobold and kock him out, tie him up Before he’s knocked out he mentions Garyx the Red, the leader of their stuff, and how we are not safe from him Seanit is lookin for the champions of each metallic dragon, has a cute little page in her journal with all the names and stuff plus doodles Mace of the World??? Mace with gold globe on top, Garyx the Gold needs it in order to make her champion – when she gets it she’ll be a gold dragon Worried that Garyx the Gold and Garyx the Red might actually be one and the same Big ol concerns, Seanit seems genuine but a little naïve, she’s done research but we’re all very sus; Bob and Argyle get a little in her face about it but it’s kinda interesting to grill her a bit. We’re all just kinda concerned about her, not sure whether Garyx is secretly plotting something Argyle finds a cool book Wake up the kobold and Oris tries to cast suggestion on him – it fails! Garyx is the red dragon, king of fire, gonna burn the world down – he promised the acolytes and stuff that they would all be dragons if they killed me and my party Something about a tree and a mountain, and Bahamut likes it when things are perfect and the mountain stays the same forever or sth, and Tiamat wants chaos, the kobold thinks things being perfect is boring so wants chaos He’s been following this cult for 2 ish months Back home he used to sorta like Tiamat, but a couple months ago people like Crunchface get spoken to by the chromatic dragons, sorta his champion???

  • Players reach Level 4

Session 13

August 20th, 2021

Tues 4th Patchwall

Have a bit of a discussion about what to do and then gather the bodies and put them in a funeral pyre, everyone vibes by it Mateas and Seanit have a little arm wrestle, Mat wins; Seanit seems to have been cheered up Argyle confirms with Al that their ‘agreement’ is still up, then speaks to Alti about it a little, asking if she wants to come with to reclaim his family’s fortune While the rest of us start setting up camp, Bob seems very upset and considers leaving and going back to his parents Seanit gives him a gentle pep talk about stuff and he seems to relax Gather round the campfire and eat some food, make s’mores Seanit proves campfire stories of her travels – she’s been around!!! She’s real cool Basically just we have a really nice family campfire time. Roastin marshmallows and telling stories. Argyle goes over the basis of his plan – not much in the way of clues but we’re going to go into town and talk to the current owner of the estate Today is Monday 3 Patchwall – spend a long rest Fall asleep and feel Bahamut’s presence – don’t see much, but get the feeling of a starry night sky, feel as though I’m being observed; look up and call out, see the silhouette of Bahamut across the moon; He answers me but I can’t really hear it (he’s so far away); moon+silhouette are just suddenly taking up the whole of the sky, no transition; I can hear him again, still far away, he says ‘you have questions. Ask fast’; I ask what I’m doing and where I need to go; he says ‘the red dragon and gold dragon are the same but different, which one you follow depends on your heart. Help the other metal dragons. Continue along your path. I’m proud of your progress.’; his voice fades, then leaves. Garyx is not considered evil per se, it’s more who you are and Wake up on Tues 4th Patchwall having received a blessing. Feel that Bahamut is closer to me than ever. Travel to the town in east Campbell, the volcano one, get a room, Seanit decides she needs to go and hands Al a gold buckle brooch thing saying that it makes it easier to message someone if you have something of theirs Al gives her the shiniest best shell in return, promising to keep in touch when he can We go out and look for a place to rent, Bob talks to his dad and asks for a place with a pool It’s a real nice place, we have a new butler/housekeeper named Mavis

Session 14

August 27th, 2021

Alo has a nice rest, then Argyle collects everyone to go over plan. Going to talk to Bob’s dad and ask about Argyle’s siblings, we’re going to case the Wadsward estate, then the twins are going to do their little scam thing where Oris will pretend to be a salesman while Mateas gets turned invisible and sneaks around to gather stuff. Vansides are living in the wadsward’s estate now People only found out the wadswards were sick after they were dead Didn’t really do much but plan! Fuck yeah let’s

Session 15

September 3rd, 2021

Sat 8th Patchwall

Caper occurs, Mateas and Oris distract the dude (Cedric), Alti and Bob go invisible and go inside, Al and Argyle stay outside to wait Bob and Alti find a crate of platinum bars and outland money, a bunch of weird lookin letters, and a lockbox thing under a floorboard under a bed. Before leaving we’d told Mavis that we were practising a play (hence the ‘disguises’ or ‘costumes’), and by the time we returned Argyle had written a short play for us to perform….. which we do! It’s very fun and Mavis seems to have liked it (or, more realistically, tolerated it) Share 2 platinum bars each (Al hasn’t put them in with his possessions yet. Mild moral dilemma but he’ll deal with it eventually), then we open the lockbox. Find various documents, one of which a thing in Cedric’s hand bequeathing everything to Cedric! There are a few other more legit looking documents, one or two in his uncle’s hand but with his father’s signature (not sure if real or a good forgery, it looks just a tad shakier than a real signature) Argyle Sr. Journal – many of them marking on his kids’ progress in school etc, one saying Frangag (A’s sister) took some sort of religious studies, then note of having argument with her last year and her leaving. Some notes on business dealings. In last year or so of journal, more frequent updates – had been approached by strangers looking to buy out his entire holding. Various business stuff? Something about war machines? Early this year, notes on how his health may be failing him. Beginning of summer, Brother showed up to help parents. Brother showed up about 6 weeks before parents died. Party throws around ideas/suggestions of what happened. Maybe he was being poisoned, maybe he was being strung along with magic, maybe he was killed earlier and someone else took his place. Mateas cross checked handwriting and stuff; signature likely was shaky bc of failing strength and health. Mavis calls us for dinner, we have a lovely meal with pasta, salad, breadsticks, and like 3 different kinds of pasta sauce. We invite Mavis to eat with us and he does, he seems pleased and it’s a nice time!! After dinner we go through letters. About 70 odd letters in total. More stuff about war machines maybe? Amassing funds to build golems, make war machines, etc…. Not sure really. I’m sure the rest have better notes. Sorry.

Session 16

September 10th, 2021

Spend some time over Mavis’s weekend (Sunday and Monday) to have us time. Wizards compare spells. Bob moves to the roof. Many of us look into Walter Wadsworth and the Vanside family in preparation for our Guy Heist™ in which we pretend to be west campbell soldiers, kidnap Wlater to a second location where Argyle is already ‘kidnapped’, gain info, then let him go after he and Argyle ‘figure out’ how to escape. Not sure how the plan is going to go but I for one am very excited. Sunday – while the wizards do spells and stuff, others and I go back to the basement where we found the Exsanguinator to do some research/prepare the holding space for Walter Get home, discuss plans – end up deciding that Argyle will meet up with Walter and get drinks, after which they will both be ‘kidnapped’ and brought to the manor in the woods where we dispatched all those kobolds. Al will stay home as he’s an extraordinarily recognisable figure. In evening we set up a croquet thing and play a bit, but no one plays it properly and Al ends up breaking a window lmao On Monday, Al goes to Fair Larry’s carriages, gets a covered cart for the rest to use. Tuesday - Mavis comes back, notes the broken window, and brings us breakfast. Notes to Bob that the assistants have rumoured about the vansides estate breakin, and that there were two tritons who were likely involved. Argyle asked Mavis if he’d been down to the basement (where the plans are for the kidnapping). Mavis said ‘I do not recall’, and in general just sorta seems like he can be trusted, even though he definitely knows that we’re up to something hinky. Lunchtime, Mavis comes in with a baker lady (Laker N. Cakesmith?) who has fantasy fig newtons for Alti – turns out we now own a share in her bakery!!! We gorge ourselves on cakes and pastries and it’s wonderful Argyle goes off and asks Mavis for something but is very secretive about it and Al rolled 8 insight so he does not care Kidnapping goes…? Not really sure Fam meets Seanit and Clayton on the road

Session 17

September 17th, 2021

We start off, about an hour out of town party has second thoughts and decide to send some people back to collect Al and sort out loose ends that we left (ie all of our shit which is still in the house, including the stuff we stole from the vanside residence) Alti, Mateas, Bob, and Argyle’s raven come back to town to pick up Al and pack up our stuff Bob and Raven find Mavis and discuss some things, Mavis is really cool and calms some of Bob’s nerves which is rad. Mavis is probably gonna be fine. We pack up pretty well! And leave at about 6:15, get to the outskirts of town by 7:15; stopped by the guard at the city limits We are posing as just Bob, the noble, and his entourage going for a camping trip Get through, go back to abandoned manor thing and rejoin the group (+ Clayton who is back) Argyle sleeps then wakes and interrogates Walter Walter is 80% sure that Vanside killed the Wadsworth parents, but still worked for them anyway. He ‘wanted to be on the winning side for once’.

Session 18

September 24th, 2021

Clayton tells of his journey on the seas, sth about a ghost ship called the Sea Star, the ghosts showed up and tol him to be ‘the greatest seacaptain’ and then disappeared. 2 legends of the sea star Sea Star was once the first truly successful warship, just as people were starting to take to the sea to protect the new port’s hometown. When the place fell to pirates, the sea star was taken by them and became a sort of local menace, though didn’t last too long. Had an almost 100year career before falling to pirates, and was only held by pirates for a few years before some people came back to hometown to set things right. They weren’t able to save the town but took the ship with them and adventured along the high seas and such. Second legend, which is usually told as a different tale told of a ship with a similar name, is the tale of a terrible ghost ship named the Sinister Sea Star, reputed to attack any ship brave enough to try and cross a part of the ocean. It was a terror of the sea for centuries. Sightings of the ship started to fade out sometime closer to the Isolation, and legends are more considered tall tales. Oris knows that these two tales are basically true, and the sea star and the sinister sea star are one and the same. Al knows these things, plus an extra detail: it’s said the sinister sea star had its heart removed, and the heart is “the key to the curse”. Argyle speaks to walter. He gets Mateas to forge a letter to Vanside to make it look like Walter and Argyle’s ‘extraction’ was intentional, and that Walter was planning on selling them out the whole time. Everyone but Argyle go to magic college and speak with headmaster Varchilde. Find that the mud is a magic conductor of sorts, theorise that the ppl are making golems without a body, sort of a magical nucleus, to use the mud as like an amorphous body of sorts I think Al is a little lost, the dumb lad, but the wizards are all very excited about this Agree to try and get the golem heart thing for the academy, upon the delivery of which we have agreed upon a 20k gold payout After the agreement Oris goes and talks to the southbend exsanguinator while al goes and does laps of the field, Oris and Anna have a lil date in which they go to the field and do a short battle (which Anna wins lol). Oris has a girlfriend now!

Session 19

October 1st, 2021

Friday, Patchwall 14

Master Butler – Mr Brunswick We decide that we want to drop the subterfuge to some extent, and expose the Vansides for what they’ve done. We decide to do this by putting on a play at the Reaper King’s Ball in a few weeks. Over the weekend various things go underway; Bob goes in and gets on the team for planning the ball, and Argyle starts writing the play. Go over the two weeks in which we’re planning; Oris goes to meet with Anna a few times, Al starts fixing up the manor a little bit, Clayton is on cooking duty, twins are on hunting/foraging, and Alti is writing the music for the play. All very fun and exciting.

Session 20

October 8th, 2021

Friday, Patchwall 28

  • day of the ball

Get affairs in order – Mavis will come and let Walter out if we die, stuff like that Then go to the ball in early afternoon in time for rehearsal! Do the thing, watch all the ppl enter, then start the play It seems to be well received, but at one point before the final act, Bob goes and talks to Cedric Vanside who looks increasingly angry – he was talking to Sakara Archdane, who seems to know what’s going on. Bob and Sakara step out to talk, and after a moment Sakara throws the first punch. They fight. Argyle and Alti help and sidetrack Sakara and Cedrik; the play goes on. We finish the play, the crowd goes wild. Marmalade Archdane pushes Argyle into attacking cedrik; he almost kills him but is stopped from going all the way by Bob, after which Marmalade deals the final blow. The night continues and then finishes, and we go home, Argyle having reclaimed his family fortune and Bob having great concerns for the future.

Volume Two

Part 3

Session 21

October 22nd, 2021

1st weekend of Ready’reat

  • planning to leave ready'reat 8th
  • downtime
  • Argyle, Bob, and Oris go to the magic college to study magic and to visit Anna, respectively.
  • Meanwhile Alo, Alti and Mateas stay home;
  • Alo and Mateas spar and Alo is absolutely destroyed lmao
  • Sunday is a shopping trip; stock up on stuff, Alo gets 2 javelins so he has some ranged weapons finally. Alti commissions Mavis to get her an enchanted scimitar.
  • Basically a bunch of downtime, we stock up on stuff
  • Argyle planning to make a port or sth? Doesn’t sound sinister at first, but might have some questionable consequences

Session 22

October 29th, 2021

  • Clayton misses another one

Alti and Bob talk abt Argyle’s port potentially starving out West Campbell Bob makes cookies which are *chef’s kiss* excellent The twins discuss Oris’s wizardly status – or lack thereof – and visit magic college to discuss the Isle (Oris patron) with headmaster Speak with Anna who says we should get ability to remove curse, get a couple scrolls and wizards learn it Uhhh various stuff ig Break Get on boat – get to Goon’s Folly, lots of trees that look the same Argyle saw a ‘horizon’ of necromancy, outside of his ability to fully focus on

  • First meet the barnacle
  • Arrive at GF sunsebb 4th, agree to meet up on the 14th

Session 23

November 26th, 2021

Wake up talk a bit Travel a day Go to sleep; take watches. In first watch it starts to snow; second watch Aloysius sees some very distant but large movement up the mountain – definitely bigger than the skelly rats Oris sends his familiar out as a hawk, who finds some big ish potentially-deer skeletons moving about and stuff. They seem to be wandering around (patrolling?) but don’t seem to be coming towards us. Next morning, wake up, throw some snowballs, drink some coffee. Cross the river with ice blocks a la BOTW, then start stealthing from here on out Get to stopping place, go to bed; in my watch, Al Oris and Bob notice that some of the skelly rodents and squirrels and such are gathering around the dome in a circle type thing We get some more sleep then recast the dome, and when we’re ready start a fight with them we’ll just kinda dip in and out of the dome to whack-a-mole the shit outta them

Session 24

December 3rd, 2021

We fight the shit outta these guys; first just some bone swarm rat things, then four ish skeletal wolves and a skeletal moose. Al and one other person (Oris?) take a moose antler each, Al intends on making his into a big cleaver Travel Meet Coriander and Mellonna; they want us to destroy the necrotic being thing that’s doing bad stuff and then save the ghost ship captain or sth… Coriander wants us to be okay, Melonna just wants the thing destroyed regardless of whether we make it out lol Coriander offered protection and breakfast for tomorrow Melonna said if we don’t do what she wants we will earn her enmity lmao Argyle calls on The Raven Queen and asks for her help and protection; she grants it readily Argyle asks Al if Bahamut thinks him taking over power in the main city is good… Bahamut just kinda hates the Archdane family and thinks they need to be taken down; he’s relatively nonplussed about Argyle being in power though. Al offered some advice in the form of a warning; power corrupts, and Argyle should watch his back. This was basically brushed off, and Al is mad but not going to push it really. Idk. Coriander made mushrooms grow and we had them for breakfast. Then start heading off.

Session 25

December 10, 2021

Move onward; reach a chasm with a river at the bottom. Plan to go south a bit and go around it, as it’s very cold and frostbite is a thing Climbed a hill a bit, then soldiered on, got most of the way into the place and bedded down. Mateas and Alti had a good chat. Oris, Argyle and Al had an ok chat about fears and desires for tomorrow and the future… Yeah. Argyle apologised to Al and called him a good person. Next day get to the cave that was causing the stuff Go in; it’s almost pitch black but the spellcasters make some light See some statues, most derelict Battle: fighting a medusa! Al somehow manages not to get paralysed, so is just kinda in melee range whacking her with all he has Stop midway as it’s like 1am and sleepy

Session 26

January 7, 2022

  • finished fight
  • met bahamut
  • raised the sea star
  • revived grish and chrysaor

Post-goons folly downtime part 1.

the barnacle wants to meet up in wc on fireseek 16

Session 27

January 14, 2022

Sunday, Sunsebb 16

The party travels back to East Campbell.

Oris approaches bob to ask about headmaster varchilde. oris concludes that he should keep the sea star and blackrazor secret from varchilde

Oris says he's going to tell anna about the sea star and blackrazor. bob says that anna might swap stories with the headmaster, and to keep blackrazor from her.

Oris is concerned that he can't tell the story without mentioning Blackrazor.

“woman of learning”

“thanks for your advice, how mad would people be if i disregarded it”

magic prison: is real

Monday, Sunsebb 17

Oris enlists mateas to make a gift for Anna. They make a nice leather spellbook cover incorporating imagery and bits of bone from their adventure on Goon's Folly.

Tuesday, Sunsebb 18 Oris visits Anna at school. He tells her everything. She suggests that she'd like to meet these people but agrees that Varchilde shouldn't know about them until they are settled, or Blackrazor until it's found a home.

She invites him to her room to compare spellbooks, and he spends the night.

bob meets janus. bob explains The Plan, and is concerned that he might destablise things and cause problems for the crossroads and their clients. janus expresses that he thinks the bridge would change things anyway within the next 10 years. they make a date to visit the Varchildes on Midwinter's Night (Needfest 4)

tuesday 25

The twins blab the plan to mavis who is worried that argyle might try to overtly poach archdane's serfs.

argyle meets mavis, and offers him a seat among the lords of goons folly. after some back and forth he takes the offer and begins working out logistics with fibby cogglefitz and argyle.

alti arrives back in town

alti meets argyle, and suggests quite directly that they should mount the master cannon to the golem heart carriage and blow marmalade archdane up with it

dunswick serves creamed hams

wednseday 26 mavis arrives at the property and sets up a temporary deal with laker cakesmith

bob discusses things with argyle

mavis is becoming friends with cogglefitz

(some time) mateas buys a 25g wine for oris birthday

Friday, sunsebb 28 Robot teardown is complete, Operation Beautiful Swan begins.

Al recieves message from Seanit beanit:

Speaking for Seanit Beanit. Al. In over my head. Meet at Hornet's Nest WC, Monday Needfest 3.

The group heads to West Campbell to see what Seanit needs.

Part 4

Session 38

January 28th, 2022

Saturday, Needfest 1, 107NE

Winter of 107NE begins and the Raven Queen's power begins to wax.

Argyle, her unwitting ward, presses on toward her goal.

With a new devoted follower (under duress) and powerful figures speaking of her and working to suppress the Reaper King, her grip on her unenviable position tightens.

Monday, Needfest 3

The group arrives at WC, and meets Seanit Beanit. She has tracked down the Mace of the World and discovered a pirate fortress on liarry

according to seanit there are approximately 100 pirates and dozens of prisoners

the fortress is incomplete and the northeast wall is still missing

Seanit advocates a complete rout. the group is less enthusiastic about total destruction. Argyle would like to hire the pirates, which makes seanit angry

after an evening of discussion, seanit relents somewhat. she needs their help, and wants to be sure that the operation is ended, and not merely scattered. she accepts that may not mean killing everyone.

Argyle tables the idea of Seanit introducing them to an immortal who can take custody of Blackrazor. She laughs and then realises, she knows of someone.

According to her research, the Starmetal Champion is thought to reside at the Frozen Oasis, a rumored temperate zone at the south pole.

Tuesday, Needfest 4 (Midwinter's Night)

The group realises that in order to make their meeting with the barnacle, if they're going to help seanit they will have to do it as soon as possible.

Al goes back to Wolfspeak's shop and retrieves his weapon. Al owes most of the group cash.

Back in East Campbell, Janus Crossroads dines with the Varchildes (Valeria, Valiant, Button). He is surprised that his son did not check in with him but on some level understands that Bob is entangled in the type of business that can't be left waiting.

He has a good time, and feels they are becoming friends.

Session 29

February 4th, 2022

Monday, Needfest 3 (retroactive) argyle hires talinous thune to help with goons folly

alti gives a madly condescending speech to a bunch of dumb babies

Tuesday, Needfest 4 (continued)

al, argyle and bob buy new common clothes

argyle suggests setting up a court system and pardoning the pirates in order to hire them and satisfy seanit's thirst for justice on a technicality. that won't work and alti knows it but they let him down easily

mateas checks in on alti about going back to liarry

Wednesday, Needfest 5
Thursday, Needfest 6

the crew boards the Ever After, a transport ship that looks much fancier on the outside than it is on the inside

it is the twins birthday. bob bakes a cake, argyle casts fly on mateas, and mateas combines it with gust of wind to zoom around

Friday, Needfest 7

mateas gambles with the other passengers and gets in on the dwarves's scheme. he gains 425g

Monday, Fireseek 3

Ever After nears Liarry City

mateas blows a harmonica at argyle and then hears him talking to Blackrazor

mateas calls a meeting with bob, alti and seanit. seanit confronts argyle and lets him know mateas heard him. seanit rolls a 27 persuasion to convince argyle to accept the group's help

after talking it over they decide to try and help keep argyle's spirits up by helping him plan for goon's folly. seanit and mateas design a coat of arms. seanit develops a crush on mateas.

Session 30

Feb 20th, 2022 Tuesday, Fireseek 4, 107NE

Raided by pirates outside liarry

Session 31

March 13th, 2022

Tuesday, Fireseek 4, continued Aftermath, landing on liarry. Information gathering. Stayed at the dragon drop. Sham escapes Idol to zehir abandoned

Session 32

March 20th, 2022

Wednesday, Fireseek 5, 107NE

  • mimsy discusses the stakes with alti
  • the party recruits franza brightshield
  • scouts the pirate base
  • feeds refugees and recruits 11 irregulars

Session 33

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Thursday, Fireseek 6, 107NE

Travelled to central Liarry. camped out. Were protected by wolves.

Friday, Fireseek 7, 107NE

Landed outside of the Pirate's Hole. Set up traps in the bush outside.

Session 34

April 17th

Session 35

April 24th

Session 36

Sunday, May 1, 2022 arguing with brightshield barhopping fight with mimsy

Monday, Fireseek 10

Alti Wakes Bob and they decide to kill Brightshield.

Session 37

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Monday, Fireseek 10


Raylee Boba joins the npc crew

Argyle, Seanit, and Al stay on Liarry to investigate.

Fireseek 14 Alti, Bob, Mateas, and Oris return to WC and meet Mavis at the Merchant's Rest.

Bob goes over plans with Mavis.

Mavis and Mateas go on a date.

Fireseek 15

Oris and Mateas go to magic school, and pick up Anna. She is coming to the south pole.

Session 38

May 15th

Argyle investigates the murder

Volume Three

Part 5

Session 39

May 22nd

Session 40

May 29th


Session 41

June 5


Session 42

June 26 Notebook

Session 43

July 3 Notebook

Session 44

July 10 Notebook

Session 45

July 31st

  • The Isle feels Avandra is watching it once more
  • Avandra created The Isle
  • Mateas bothers Al until Al throws a cat statue at him, which Mateas steals
  • Oris goes to ask Argyle what he knows about the Raven Queen
  • She did s/t to defeat Nerull and become the god of death that angered Avandra
  • Argyle convinces himself this will be fine and if Avandra is coming back she won't be mad at him just cuz of his deal w/RQ
  • Blackrazor says Argyle should kill Oris, the herald of Avandra
  • Alti gets their groceries, and goes to the magic shop where they get a deal on a shield and 2 rings
  • There is a meeting that it will be 2 extra days in port, we are leaving Friday
  • Everyone goes to the magic shop (Fantastic Sammy's)
  • Al is pitched what MIGHT be armor of invulnerability but Sammy isn't sure, Argyle will get Identify from coast guard and find out later
  • Oris gets charisma rings
  • Argyle gets Identify and the pearl needed to cast it from coast guard guy
  • The twins + Anna go to Old Town and turns out they hate Triton up there
  • They try to sneak in thru the jungle and that sucks
  • Anna is able to convince dwarven forgemaster that they aren't cops, and Mateas buys fancy gardening equipment across the street
  • Grish recruits Seanit and Al to go fight a group of evil dragons
  • Rest of the group is brought in to help, Hringwe is aware but lead away by Laney
  • We head into jungle to east river and can see temple across the way
  • Anna learns Find Familiar from Bob and is able to summon a coconut crab that she names Stanley

Session 46

August 7th, 2022

  • Doc sidelines the magic shop like a baller
  • Argyle uses Arcane Eye to scope the temple
  • Oris imitates Argyle's casting pose
  • sees trees, cliff-face, stairs to south - draws us map
  • 2 guards outside, 3 guards inside
  • looks to be defiled Hlal's temple
  • Seanit says Null is Hlal's opposite dragon
  • group wants proof of violence
  • Oris casts Water Breathing - active for next 24 hours
  • I see a displacer beast and we lose our minds
  • why is it so funny oh no
  • Grish passive perceives magic
  • detect magic from Al finds fey in the trees
  • oh no I see two cats actually
  • Bob wants the skeleton eyes he didn't put in the mail identified by Argyle
  • the two start arguing
  • “do you raise your voice… in character”
  • pixies start charming the wizards
  • Doc sidelines the attempt to overplan like a baller
  • fite fite fite
  • I am stuck in entangled spell, unbreakable by Seanit or Bob
  • Argyle undoes the entangle by Shattering the pixie
  • Oospie Poospie
  • I disadvantage murk a pixie
  • the wizards immediately resume argument once combat drops
  • the guards have disappeared
  • Al says Alti's shot was hot B]

Session 47

August 21, 2022


Session 48

Sunday, September 4, 2022 Alti's 40th

  • Alti, Bob, Grish, and Anna go to inform the families
  • Adrin (sp) is informed by Grish, who leaves out some details, and Alti fills in the rest
  • group leaves without further fuss
  • Sera Whitesmith harasses Argyle in the tavern
  • Seanit is concerned that Null may have better communication powers than Bahamut or the other dragons
  • the present party brushes this off as “coincidence”
  • Bob asks Al if there is any ritual that can be done for the victims and Al says what they are doing now by alerting authorities is ritual
  • Bob brushes convo off and they push forward towards the garrison
  • Argyle, Bob, Al, and Seanit speak with Captain Tenko (sp) about necromantic kidnapping ring
  • Argyle lies about having heard this in Old Town and the captain knows
  • Argyle realizes there must be more operating cult members in town
  • Captain assures Bob that she will take care of clean-up of temple site
  • the armor Al is interested in is cursed!
  • Argyle attempts his grift with Sammy bringing out some items to check but none are interesting to him
  • everyone goes to the beach
  • Aarold informs the group that we will be leaving at 8am tomorrow
  • Argyle and Bob go looking for the “King of Old Town”
  • they meet Casmere Sedge and I was brb'ed for how they found her
  • they inform Sedge that it is likely there are more cultists and she should be on guard
  • they convince her to try and get Old Town to share more information and responsibility with the Triton guard
  • the party boards the ship the following morning and we set sail
  • next stop: Duarsilvana

Session 49

Sunday, September 18, 2022

  • Captain Tktkeno gives a package to Aarold to be delivered to Duarsilvana
  • they have lost contact with their unit there, it has been 3 weeks since they received a Sending reply
  • more ships are headed to Shrikeport from the north, than there are from the south
  • Oris and Mateas will both be learning how to use guns from Erika, in exchange for Oris being Argyle's assistant for 3 hours a day from 6pm to 9pm
  • Alti throws a kegger that it seems most people, including Argyle, attend
  • Sera Whitesmith reveals there were plans to resurrect her out of the ring which seem to have fallen through but she is dodgy about answering fully
  • Weather and navigation are both great next day, taking 2 days off our journey's speed
  • Alti completes their shield training and is now proficient in shields
  • We hit rough weather and lose half a day of travel speed
  • cooking is Hacked using bardic inspiration and we have the highest scoring meal yet (63!)
  • 300 lbs of fish are gathered while fishing
  • the storm worsens the next day but navigation is able to save it with high rolls and keep us safely moving
  • the gargantuan shape in the ocean is BACK and COMING FOR US
  • a second route is charted to move us closer inland and we seem safe, for now
  • f o r n o w
  • Bob lights some candles below deck in honor of the ppl he bbq'd, and Grimbly tries to relate by saying he messes up cooking sometimes
  • Oris Eldritch Blasts one of Grish's barrels but no food is destroyed so no one has to get hurt
  • we leave off just after midnight lunch on Tuesday

Session 50

Sunday, October 16th, 2022

  • we lose half a day planning a new route, but roll well enough to be back on track soon
  • Grimbly Dee loses his cooking utensils
  • Alti asks Oldhed to meet with them after shift to talk about some things
  • we make our time back thanks to some great rolls from navigation team
  • crow's nest crew is able to spot that The Shape is still upon us
  • day crew dinner rolls a cumulative 50 and gives advantage to night crew
  • Alti suggests to Bob that he and Grimbly should sing to improve their cooking and he makes a face
  • Al and Bob get in some hammer training
  • Erika takes time training Oris and Mateas with: GUN
  • Oldhed gives Alti a lot of info but seems unconcerned about the shape itself, figuring it's a whale
  • Argyle and Oris and Anna spend some time learning spells together that evening
  • Alti throws another mini-kegger in the galley
  • Grimbly Dee has finally gained proficiency in cooking tools
  • Old Drunk Margaret reports in that The Shape is gaining on us
  • it is visible that it has some kind of shell and is breaching the surface
  • Erika fetches Argyle and Alti and Oris get all other hands on deck
  • Oris and Argyle get Water Breathing cast on the entire ship crew
  • everyone takes some time discussing different potential plans
  • an excellent navigation check from Argyle and Odryn reveals we can move the ship safely into a nearby keep
  • Grimbly Dee invents Taco Tuesday
  • we dock in a keep and decide to check if Argyle is sent off the ship, will it follow him on a hunch Argyle has about Blackrazor
  • the turtle reverts to follow Argyle
  • the turtle loudly states ENOUGH GAMES and diverts course to come back for us fuck
  • Bob makes the call to open fire w/the cannons
  • the turtle gets VERY CLOSE VERY FAST and says “In Avandra's name, relinguish Death's Fang”
  • Oris makes an attempt to speak with the turtle but is cut off by cannon fire
  • Argyle is able to banish it to buy us some time and line up a round
  • Alti dissonant whispers the turtle to get enough space for another cannon fire round
  • Bob polymorphs the turtle into a sea bass
  • many plans are kicked around on what to do with the hour
  • we decide to take the turtle onto shore, surround it with melee, aim the cannons and long distance casters at it, and unload everything we have
  • WE KILL THE TURTLE before it has a chance to damage anyone
  • we have a party on the beach at midnight
  • Al says a prayer to Avandra to apologize for killing the turtle while Oris and Alti twerk on it
  • we are set to sail again the next day

Session 51

Sunday, October 30th, 2022

  • it is decided the turtle will not be eaten, but be sent out to sea to return to nature
  • we move to reboard the boats to go to shore but half of congregation does not fall in line
  • Arak and Hringwe lead up the group, asking for answers on what cargo they are carrying
  • Argyle has already flown off and needs to be resummoned by Oris's familiar
  • group spends time discussing why Avandra is involved for those not aware of prior information
  • Alti volunteers to tell the group about Blackrazor
  • Argyle suggests we let everyone know that Bahamut tasked us with this, Alti says they are not comfortable stating that, but says Aloysius can
  • Alti and Al step forward, Alti lets Aarold know they will be coming clean about the sword and Aarold and Grodog also step forward
  • Alti makes the case that we were tasked to do this by the Raven Queen but did not know about the rivalry with Avandra and still feel it's integral that Blackrazor is dealt with
  • Bob prods at Hringwe when he is attempting to be respectful about choosing his words, Argyle briefly speaks up but again moves to the back of the group
  • Oris gives Alti guidance, and they roll a nat 20 to tell Arak “it is that important”, and Arak gives the rest of the group the go ahead that they should get back on the ship
  • Clayton spins a nat 20 yarn about Blackrazor and its curse on Goon's Folly
  • Argyle does nat 20 navigation check and day watch makes great checks to get us on nice course
  • Grish compliments Alti on their handling of the situation, says it is better than how he has seen it handled before
  • Hringwe goes to Argyle to let him know if he ever needs someone to speak to about his burden he would be willing to listen
  • Sera Whitesmith argues every point Hringwe makes about Avandra being frightening, and seems to think being eaten by the turtle to spite the Raven Queen would be worth-it
  • it seems Sera was very powerful in life, perhaps high level cleric
  • Al questions Seanit on her information about the champion at the South Pole
  • she is able to consult her book and give several notes that support her case
  • they briefly discuss other ways to get rid of Blackrazor
  • Seanit finds most god business to be like an exhausting soap opera
  • “Nobody can do it but us” - Seanit Beanit
  • Bob and Grimbly Dee develop a secret handshake
  • Bob makes Alti a compensation dessert
  • Anna asks Oris if the Isle has any opinions about our recent predicament
  • wants to know how Avandra could see through the Isle, Oris thinks it was Avandra's servant at some point
  • discuss Anna being invisible to the gods and not having a birthday, Oris says she could pick one if she likes
  • she picks Sunsebb 18 (ETA: the day she became an adventurer) as her birthday
  • weather remains good and we stay on track
  • we pass ruins of Duar
  • it seems people are not being allowed in to port, as ships are sitting far out from Duarsilvana, and this is reported to captain + navigation crew
  • Oldhed and Mateas talk about gods and Oldhed says she prefers to be chill while Mateas calls his brother a stupid wizard and talks about punching being more reliable
  • good dinner score means advantage for night crew
  • Mateas brings up the ships stuck outside of port to Oris, and they discuss they may either be ghosts or aliens or both
  • we come upon two ships which have been stripped of sails
  • Alti calls out to ask what happened and they begin communicating with captain that they were stripped at port and sent back out
  • armed sahuagin have taken over import and export at Duarsilvana
  • Argyle and Alti work with captain (against the wishes of Bob) to bring on the 2 captains and 9 men from each ship to bring them to a port that is further south
  • we are taking modified route to avoid Duarsilvana and make it to alternate port

Session 52

Sunday, November 13th

  • we are heading into the port town of Summerside
  • a dated Shrikeport flag is being flown from a ship that Mateas and Oldhed spot
  • we decide we will head right away to Duarsilvana as supplies in Summerside are limited
  • we set up most of the crew to stay in town, and are bringing Erika, Anna, Seanit, and Grish to investigate
  • Bob and Oris are riding Donkey the goat, which prompts Al to summon Horse the horse
  • Alti helps Argyle and Grish haggle for a cheaper price on two robust horses
  • as we ride the main road to Duarsilvana, Erika spots an ambush
  • we counter ambush to find there are a bunch of sahuagin waiting in the bushes
  • Tyrannasaurus Rex rolls for initiative
  • the t-rexes are very good at biting and do much of this
  • we manage to kill everyone save for one guy that Seanit grapples
  • Alti restores everyone's juices (hmm)
  • Bob spots that an abandoned camp is nearby and it's decided we will investigate
  • seems nothing of interest is in camp save for fresh fish
  • Oris begins interrogating our captive in Primordial and translating for the group
  • the mines were flooded which allowed the sahuagin to easily strike
  • there is a capital of the sahuagin territory, where a king, who is immortal and has been alive since the beginning of time but is also a sahuagin, is residing
  • there is a big tough sahuagin second only to the king who is in charge here at Duarsilvana, and is living in the dwarf king's house
  • the Triton navy has been run out, the dwarven king has been killed, and no one is left fighting the sahuagin in town
  • Corvenious, a bird devil, descended with the king in her claws, and alllowed them to become stronger and smarter
  • Corvenious concerns herself with hunting and destroying mortals who seek to become gods
  • we decide to return to Summerside to fill in Aarol and get her name in Oris's book
  • current plan is to head into Duarsilvana to run recon and see if the sahuagin in charge can be taken out, then to run intel out to Allento

Session 53

Sunday, November 27

  • we return to the ship and inform the captains of the goings-ons
  • Margarita and Sunrise knew the situation was worse than expected and planned to steal our ship and supplies once we were picked off
  • Aarold dismisses them in a very boss way and then adds her name to Oris's book
  • Alti takes the twins aside to tell them they should inform the wizards of their lineage and they agree, saying they would like Alti present for the confession in the morning
  • the wizards are Informed, and Bob seems upset, choosing to leave the room to process
  • Argyle is eerily unreactive
  • Alti leads the twins out and tells them they did the right thing, and plays cards w/Oris while Mateas hangs in the crow's nest
  • Aarold calls us into a meeting and it is decided we can either try to take care of things in Duarsilvana or lay low for a week to resupply
  • we want to investigate Duarsilvana to see what can be done
  • we head into Summerside to meet with local cleric of Moradin named Therin Snozu (sp?) and Erika is able to inform him he should build a trench and a wall
  • Erika and Grish are going to make bows for weaponry
  • we head out to Duarsilvana and let Dude, Stanley, Pickles, and Argyle's raven do some scouting
  • it appears dwarves are moving around at night but the dock is deserted and the ships are stripped down
  • Stanley finds a pond with an entryway into the tunnels
  • we head into town the next morning and find out Sunrise was following us hoping to knick supplies off anything we found, he is a very terrible liar
  • we meet up with a shopkeep, Ralvina Stonebear, who informs us it has been this way now for 17 days the city has been like this
  • the sahuagin do not come in to Mountainside, it is too dry and dusty, but they have informed locals they will be killed if they leave
  • they are residing in Deeptown where the king's former housing is
  • it is believed there was a breach created to flood the tunnels, and the pumps inside Deeptown around the royal district could reverse the water flow and the breach could then be plugged
  • Sunrise fails to steal a potato and then negs it (lol)
  • it is revealed that there were scouts out checking things out last night, so it is likely they know their trap on the road was foiled and sending civilians out would be a death sentence
  • we need to strike them fairly quickly or they will keep gaining more information to use against us or injure innocents
  • Stonebear gives us plenty of information on alleged location of pumps and breach
  • there are 2 main entrances into Deeptown, but the pond may be best bet
  • NEXT TIME Argyle can use Arcane Eye to investigate the tunnels
  • we all currently have Water Breathing cast upon us

Session 54

Sunday, December 11

Saturday, Readying 15th, 107NE

  • we pick up at still speaking with Ralvina
  • the water flooding the tunnels was not pushed in at the pond so there must be another entrance
  • Sunrise says we should start pumps at entrance source and work our way in
  • Argyle casts Arcane Eye to investigate
  • he finds a pump room that, thanks to a 100 roll on a d100, is 100% operational
  • sahuagin are stationed further down the tunnel up around a corner so we can swim to pump room
  • Alti helps Sunrise clear debris from the furnace so it can operate
  • pump is started!
  • Bob uses Fabricate to block the door
  • Sunrise hears scraping coming from further down the hall and we attempt to set up an ambush
  • Sunrise explains to the squirrel skull light why he cannot shoot underwater (lol)
  • the ambush does not go well as the captain backtracks to get away
  • the party pursues him down the corridor, Oris and Anna are there first w/Dimension Door, then Mateas with his monk speed, and then Alti via a teleportation spell from Bob
  • Anna said “thank you!!” when Alti killed a guy hitting her and I just think that's nice
  • Bob turns into a giant shark!
  • Seanit does BIIIIIG fire damage
  • Oris casts Sickening Radiance i.e. the Piss Zone to block sahuagin approaching or retreating
  • Argyle makes a Control Water trench to drain and fill to also stop retreat
  • sahuagin command Bob to attack us and he attacks them instead
  • a sahuagin bites Bob and he loses concentration
  • we rally to take out the rest of the sahuagin
  • Sunrise is chilling in one of the rooms with some bodies he pulled in here to hide
  • we also find a room full of dwarf corpses (euugghh)
  • Sunrise notes that the sahuagin have pouches of the glass shards used to sabotage the pumps
  • we take a short rest in one of the rooms
  • Seanit is glittering!
  • plan is to get to the next pump and see if we can get it operational, then find room to hide in and use Tiny Hut for long rest
  • we will then hopefully proceed to fight the lead sahuagin

Session 55

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Saturday, Readying 15th, 107NE

  • we discuss further plans and decide Argyle can check closer path w/Arcane Eye and Dude can be deployed to check the further path
  • there are 2 sets of 4 sahuagin both with 2 eelhounds
  • there are drainage grates roughly where indicated, water is moving more strongly here
  • we decide to use high level invisibility to make the whole group invisible and sneak past
  • Aloysius rolls his eyes at Anna + Oris holding hands
  • Bob will not say “Crossroads” when we reach the Crossroads
  • Bob, Al, Seanit, Sunrise do not roll high enough to escape scrutiny from the guards
  • Alti creates a distraction using ball bearings so the group can proceed undetected
  • Sunrise overhears s/t inside a sealed general store, which we make note to double back to
  • the map is not 100% accurate and the pump station is a bit further down
  • the pipe inside is trapped! Al & Seanit take some damage
  • someone inside is shouting slurs abt Sahuagin and we convince him we are not Sahuagin, so he untraps the pipe
  • Kilt is a soldier who has been down here awaiting orders for 3 weeks
  • he helps explain the mechanics of the pump to Sunrise and they get the pump running
  • a drainage grate is partially blocked by detritus and working maybe 75% but too difficult to unblock
  • Bob & Crew block up the cavern to stop any further water coming in
  • it is clear Kilt can see Something is going on w/the twins and our group nudges that we move on
  • we return to the general store, the person inside inquires how many of us there are and eventually opens the door
  • Theron is the dwarvish owner of the general store who has been sealed in here
  • Bob tries to start a fire lmao and is quickly discouraged as flue is only thing bringing in air
  • Theron cuts us a fantastic deal on selling us the store and all the stock inside
  • Seanit now owns a store!
  • Al speaks w/the twins to see how they are doing and offer his help if they need it w/Kilt
  • Kilt decides to speak to Alti abt who exactly their group is and where they are from
  • Alti seems to convince him it isn't a good time for questions and he should rest up

Sunday, Readying 16th, 107NE

  • Bob makes an inspiration-worthy breakfast
  • we tell Theron to wait here and we will come back for him
  • Mavis reports there have been difficulties with getting supplies and they have thus fallen a little behind in building
  • Aarold says she will pay Seanit back from the coffers, and so far there have been no attacks in Summerside
  • we send the familiars out to scout and discuss if octopi party or hang out
  • there are many barricades in the Royal District but the water level has dropped and the way to the other lower level pump is clear
  • we do our invisibility tactic again, but find we are not able to get everyone!
  • Sunrise volunteers to stay behind and keep an eye on things, and we put his name into Oris's book which makes him feel much better
  • we head out and use our invisibility trick to safely make it past the same group of guards, this time w/out incident
  • the pump is heavily damaged, but combination of carpentry tools and mending is able to fix it quickly and it is put into operation
  • we alert Sunrise, who says the ceiling is now visible at the crossroads
  • the plan for next time is: to proceed to the Royal District and see if we can hit at least one more pump on the way to the sahuagin lead

Session 56

Sunday, February 5, 2023

Sunday, Readying 16th, 107NE

  • Mateas gives Al a potion of Frost Giant strength, but Al seems distasteful of it
  • we push ahead, making it to the first junction heading into the royal district
  • it is heavily guarded but the water level is getting lower, only at 5 feet deep, and we continue to sneak past
  • Alti is able to set up ball bearings to distract the first 2 sets of guards
  • Oris convinces some eel hounds there is food elsewhere, which gets us past another set
  • the final set of guards are very carefully snuck past w/no distractions
  • we make it to a garden courtyard which is not a Resident Evil puzzle
  • beyond are the guards quarters, which Kit alerts us will be empty
  • the sahuagin king's pet shark is drowning 😦
  • we are almost seen on way to throne room but Argyle portents his stealth roll
  • we are able to position ourselves around the sahuagin king, who notices us, which kicks off initiative
  • a fight ensues!!! the melees attack the king!
  • Piss Zone!!!!
  • the kind has 4 attacks
  • Kilt traps him in a net!
  • Web of Piss!!!!!!
  • Al decloaks in front of the king and he is SURPRISED
  • Bob gravity's some fools
  • round 2, the Piss Zoners are closing in on spellcaster's corner
  • Seanit is down!!!
  • Alti healing words, Seanit is up
  • Kilt is down and getting wailed upon by the angry king
  • the sahuagin king is killed!!!
  • Bob fireballin'
  • Kilt is back up w/more Alti healing words
  • Oris bork bork borks an eel hound but it does not want to be friends 😦
  • we pick off the remaining guys in the throne room and the chamber is clear w/no casualties on our end
  • we loot the king (results forthcoming) and Kilt is going to carry his corpse with us
  • we all fail a perception check in the throne room (They failed to notice the secret exit behind the throne, for now.)
  • after a check-in w/Sunrise Road, we find he expected us to come in hot, but no one has any idea we have done anything
  • Sunrise returns to hide in the general store
  • we plan to shelter in royal quarters using Tiny Hut and Kilt's keys

Session 57

Sunday, February 19, 2023

Sunday, Readying 16th, 107NE

  • we dole out some treasure to start with, everyone gets some platinum
  • Anna and Alti get some swords and Anna says they are twins now
  • we set up in the royal quarters and Argyle and Oris both cast Tiny Hut to block the entrances
  • Al is not able to lift the couch that Alti is seated on
  • Bob asks Oris to check in with Sunrise and we tell him to chill a while longer
  • Argyle makes a successful Deception check to Kilt to further establish our A-team status
  • Alti has a chat w/Seanit about her involveent with both Garyx AND Garyx
  • Seanit likens passion to fire, can be useful or destructive depending upon how you use it
  • Alti thanks Seanit for her help, and Bob frowns in the background thinking about his war crimes
  • everyone wonders who Sir Blumby is
  • Oris and Mateas have a talk with Kilt to see what his next move will be
  • he wants to stay and rebuild Duarsilvana and feels he will now be captain of the guard, here
  • they discuss how killing the king is killing a pawn of Corvenious, and this was likely to be their first strike/best opportunity at taking over an Allento colony
  • sahuagin could have been sent elsewhere
  • Kilt will write an official account of what has happen, but Oris hems and haws to ask that he not mention him or Mateas
  • Kilt agrees as he knows their existence will be denied
  • they then play cards
  • Al goes to check in on Argyle, who refers to himself as “the gargoyle guarding the door”
  • he is having a Time talking with Sera and Blackrazor, wishing he had asked for everyone to have the boon instead of just him, and Al eventually thanks him and then leaves
  • Anna points out we should investigate for hidden levers or compartments
  • we find an additional spell hidden for Bob to learn later
  • we formulate a new plan to funnel the enemies in to the garden room after hitting them with pipe bombs and head out to fight
  • Oris finds a hidden escape route in the throne room that we say we will investigate later
  • our plan is enacted when we see some sahuagin wandering around the main corridor and we hit them with a volley of pipe bombs
  • they hit our frontliners with a lot of bites and claws
  • Piss Zone is enacted, along with a round of Shatters
  • CLUB (BUT BIG) makes an appearance!
  • fresh wave of guys get Webbed by Argyle in the Piss
  • we work to pick guys off but 3 manage to run away before combat ends
  • the fight is done and next time we will figure out how to investigate escape route and pick up Sunrise

Session 58

Sunday, March 5th, 2023

Sunday, Readying 16th, 107NE

  • we write to Sunrise and Aarold to update on our progress
  • there have been a few straggling sahuagin in Summerside but they have been dealt with
  • we go to get Sunrise, the water is knee deep at the crossroads
  • we hear some kerfuffle heading out towards the general store
  • we find about a dozen sahuagin attempting to claw at the hole we blocked up
  • Oris wants a dog so badly that Argyle Leeroy Jenkins into combat
  • Argyle lightning bolts Al for full damage because Al asked him to
  • Al is taking a lot of damage
  • t-rexes show up!!
  • Alti knocks one dude back into the piss (I just thought this was funny and wanted to note it)
  • Argyle banishes one of them
  • the group rallies to take out the rest, save for one shark dog…
  • …which Oris cannot animal handle into pet ownership, and he is sad
  • we head back to the shop and and take a long rest, finding that Sunrise is beating Theron at cards

Monday, Readying 17th, 107NE

  • the next day, Seanit and Anna choose to stay with Theron, and the rest of us go investigate the secret passage
  • Sunrise asks a lot of questions about loot which everyone dodges
  • the party investigates the escape route, and finds it leads out to a higher mountain area overlooking the harbour
  • a path suggests a prior party must have headed north, which Kilt says contains mostly ruined forts
  • the familiars scout while Anna and Seanit are asked to come meet us with Theron
  • upon finding there is some activity at a nearby camp there is discussion abt getting presents from the king if we manage to go get him
  • it is instead decided Kilt will go find the king, and we will return to our business getting to Allento
  • Kilt writes us a report, which Argyle edits slightly and then forwards to Allento via his familiar
  • we begin the long process of loading up the ship

Tuesday, Readying 18th, 107NE

  • Alti helps Oris obtain 2 mud dogs in town, and then asks if he'd be willing to run the keg parties for night crew
  • Party Babies are established
  • Al makes a little cathouse for the ship cats
  • we return Sunrise and Margarita to their respective ships
  • the journey to Allento has begun!!

Part 6

Her name is lost to time, referred to here as The Follower
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