Detailed History of Events

2425 BNE

Wailothe and surrounding regions incorporate into Dalliance.

2206 BNE

Glamorsteel Cressida Raulnor, the 31st king of Ottombad, is assassinated by Aestherix.

2207BNE - Betrayal of the Doppelganger

A group of adventurers worked to increase Avandra's influence and power in order to empower her to guide and protect the mortals of Prasinos.

Character Type Player Notes
Avandra's Follower Elf Cleric - The First Doppelganger
Avandra's Shield Elf Paladin - -
Avandra's Shadow Human Rogue - -
Avandra's Cudgel Human Fighter - -


Avandra's favourite supporter attracts the attention of other jealous gods - their love threatens the balance of power and Nerull aligns with Kord to terrorize and demoralize her.

Avandra sets them on a quest to increase her power and promises that once she is able, she will protect The Follower from the growing ire of the others.

2204 BNE

Having completed her quest, The Follower grew distrustful of Avandra's lust for influence. Avandra granted her the promised boon - the ability to hide from gods and mortals alike - and The Follower chose to disappear from Avandra's view along with everyone else's.

The Follower used her new power to blend in seamlessly and hid herself from Death and Avandra alike - becoming The First Doppelganger. The First Doppelganger still walks among the mortals of Prasinos, but who she is and what she wants are mysteries.

1721 BNE

Allento is founded.

1500BNE - The Bold Get Rich

999BNE - All Gods Must Die

A party of five mortals, fatigued by the unending conflicts of the gods, unites the world against them.

Player Characters

Character Type Player Notes
Archmage Mechanus Goldensun Elf Wizard Mike Led the isolation coalition
Vargas Varchilde Human Monk Doc Created magma-style kung-fu
Jorts the Orc Orc Barbarian Alfred Popularized denim
General Spike Bullard Human Fighter Jeremy Coordinated the isolation coalition
Cassandra Coggle-Fitzgerald Gnome Rogue English Mark 44th Emperor of Outland

Assembled a team of ten master wizards, who each spent a year training one hundred disciples. The wizards and disciples were largely consumed by the sealing spell.

Division Five

Division five had the largest survival rate of all of the wizard divisions.

Character Type Player Notes
Belba B. Bellobelleth Gnome Wizard NPC
Bittenhanfur Tor Dwarf Wizard NPC
Erinberitas Tellenshade Elf Wizard NPC
Forget-Me-Not Lomber Human Wizard NPC
Freedom Leafwalker Halfling Wizard NPC

667BNE - Rise of the Salamander

223BNE - Revenge of the Meta-Harpy

The Archdane Party (223BNE-212BNE)

Adventured around Outland and across Haverness before settling the Shambles. Left the Shambles after several years to return to adventuring in Haverness.

Player Characters

Character Type Player Notes
CarnivorousDwarf Monk Doc Lost at Harpy’s Drop, 212BNE
James Allen Archdane Elf Cleric English Mark Lost at Harpy’s Drop, 212BNE
Jonas Hammerhand Dwarf Monk Les Killed by Meta-Harpy 212BNE
Rancorous Armbreak Dwarf Monk French Mark Killed at Atarikon 229BNE
Roque BatroqueHuman Fighter Jeff Lost at Harpy’s Drop, 212BNE


Defeated Atarikon.


Founded settlements on the Shambles.


Returned from retirement to address unfinished business in Haverness. Separated at Harpy’s Drop.

7BNE - The Last Chance

The Skybreaker Party (7BNE - 1NE)

Character Type Player Notes
Lancel Archdane Retired to The Shambles, passed away approx 25NE
Jam Archdane Retired to The Shambles, passed away approx 25NE
Carnivorous Krkkit Retired to The Shambles, went missing 15NE
Allan Softcloak Presumed still alive (106NE)
Jonas Hammerhand III Living in Liarry (107NE)

Adventured in Haverness before traveling the world aboard the Skybreaker. United the mages of the world in breaking the seal of the Isolation, leading to the dawn of the new era.


Formed an adventuring guild in Haverness and made money harvesting useful monster parts.


Discovered the Seabreaker in its alcove beneath the Cave of the Collector in Haverness. After discovering its magical properties, converted it into an airship and dubbed it the Skybreaker.


Discovered the secret of the Isolation and spent the next years building the power necessary to break it.


Completed the dread ritual to undo the isolation. The Skybreaker and its crew of dozens were consumed. Thousands more died in the aftermath.

77NE - The Break-in at Outland Museum of Art History

92NE - Railhead Breakers


Five years ago, this town was too small to have a name. Now, they're calling it Railhead. Workers poured in from all around to build a railway that's going to connect Ottombad to Carlston some day; but not everyone wants to live by an iron highway.

You are a group of hometowners displaced by the construction, dissatisfied rail workers or simply people who don't want to see Ottombad succeed. Join the demi-human Sardines McHotcobble to sabotage (or steal) the experimental locomotive “Overdriver”.

An adventure for characters Lv6. New age creature type/class allowances apply. Encouraged creatures: Demi-human, Centaur, Human.

Player Characters

Character Type Player Notes
Boogie Woogie Demi-Human Rogue Amy
Stampede the Rhino Demi-Human BarbarianKay Local Cryptid
Alunara Centaur DruidLeah
SteveHuman BarbarianTish
Pillbug Jr.Gnome ArtificerDick Remains at large

Amy's Notes

  • a group is assembled to push back against Ottombad's recent attempts to expand their railway into Carlston
  • Sardines McHotcobble and Sunrise Road are heading up the resistance
  • it is decided we will head out to where the locomotive is being held and attempt to either destroy it or ideally drive it off so it can be turned into scrap for repurposing
  • on the way to the trainyard we run across a couple head engineers
  • they inform us there is a shipment coming in in the morning, and mistake us for workers meant to collect it
  • we are allowed to go on our way
  • recoinnassance finds a back door into the warehouse holding the locomotive, there are also guards and an iron golem
  • Sunrise will be going with the construct Road Crew to distract the golem and other engineers to lure people off the tracks
  • we strike at dawn!
  • we are successfully able to infiltrate the warehouse but it turns out the locomotive is backwards on a turntable and we need to spin it
  • there is a hail of gunfire outside and it turns out Sunrise is down
  • velociraptors and teamwork take down the engineers inside, and the locomotive is fully spun and turned on
  • the golem is distracted outside and lured off the tracks through combat, then held in place by snakes
  • the locomotive is driven out and everyone hops aboard, picking up Sunrise Road to revivify him on the way out
  • only one survivor is left due to them surrendering
  • it is decided everyone except Pillbug will stick around to help the resistance
  • Stampede becomes a cryptid known to locals as the Railhead Bendybear and to others as the Railhead Hornybear

97NE - Forget-Me-Not Caverns


97NE, in a small town called Forget-Me-Not in south Bartok near the north edge of the Elvenhome forest -- Mayor Finis Kroft's daughter Nerwende has chosen a husband, and in one week's time they are to be wed.

However, Nerwende Kroft has approached you with a great worry evident on her face. Her husband-to-be hasn't been seen in days, and she is concerned he may have been hurt exploring the nearby caves as he has taken to doing recently…

You are a LV4 member of the community, or an upstanding traveler ready to lend a hand. Recommended creature types for residents: Elves, Dwarves, Humans. Travelers may be any playable type.

Escort Nerwende to the last place she saw her beau and rescue Heron Sunstar before he's lost for good!

Player Characters

Character Type Player Notes
- - - -


104NE - Call of the Dungeon-God


You are on the road near the greatest and oldest city in the world, the capital of Outland, Ottombad. It is a global trade center and you might be anyone from anywhere, with any backstory.

In the preceding months, there has been a rash of disappearances. Dozens of upper-class people have been packing up their valuables and heading out into the wild in the dead of the night. Nobody knows how many loners or nobodies may have disappeared.

Recently, people who have been missing for months have been found stumbling around the outskirts of the city, naked and emaciated, muttering the word “Atarikon”.

You have each heard the call. Something in the woods beckons you; “Bring your greatest treasures and lay them before Atarikon.”

Whether compelled or merely interested in the phenomenon, you have set out from the city in search of the caller.

Player Characters

Character Type Player Notes
Gjavree Hobgoblin Barbarian Dick Became Atarikon's Champion
Gerry of Rotunda Human Blood Hunter Todd Used Atarikon's riches to improve Blood Hunter School
Lovinia Brightleaf Halfling Cleric Natalie Continues to search for religious artifacts

105NE - Into The Sea


You have been given a once in a lifetime opportunity! Pirate Emperor Gjavree's flagship is moored outside of a dwarven ruin, which she calls “Dwarvesvillevania”. She believes that the anvil at the center of this ruin is a powerful ancient artifact, and whosoever retrieves it for her shall be promoted to be her first mates!

Gjavree is the Emperor and can have as many first mates as she wants!

You are either prisoners aboard the flagship or swabs looking for a better position. Two groups have gone in before you, and no-one has yet returned. One way or another Gjavree doesn't seem to be leaving without that anvil.

Player Characters

Character Type Player Notes
Chef Freddie Half-Orc Monk Amy Dead
Thrazig Brightblaze Dwarf Fighter Tish Rip
Red Demon Half-giant Mauler Dick Also toast
Kronka Zugbug Hobgoblin Cleric Leah Retired to Goon's Folly somehow
Shams O'Shaughnessy Human Rogue Apollo Killed by a bunch of chumps in Dalliance, 107NE

106NE - The New Age of Magic


You will be starting in an area called The Shambles, which is an archipelago in the northern reaches. It is temperate, but not tropical. In ancient times it was considered too rocky, treacherous and devoid of natural resources to really pay much attention to, but in reality it is completely hospitable now that it's been settled for a while. Civilization here is relatively young, but has been established for over 200 years.

The population counting all four major islands and the surrounding smaller islands is now nearly a million. There is a major city of about 250,000, two smaller cities with about 100,000 each and well around 400,000 divided among settlements, farms and fishing villages.

Even during The Isolation, many types of monstrous humanoid and more mundane monsters were still around, but in recent times purely magical nonsense beasts have begun to return. Rumors are beginning to spread of beholders and displacer beasts. Strange things from the sea are being spotted closer to civilisation every day. There might be a gelatinous cube somewhere around here.

People have started hearing commands from unseen speakers, telling them to do all manner of dangerous things. Some of you may have heard these calls.

Player Characters

The Blue Man Group (106NE)
Lords of Goon's Folly (107NE - )

Character Type Player Notes
Aloysius ThaneDragonborn PaladinMira
Alti EryxYuan-ti BardAmy
Argyle Chudwell Wadsward IIIIHuman WizardDick
Bob CrossroadsHuman WizardTish
Clayton HumbuckerHalf-Orc BardTodd Retired from adventuring, 106NE
Mateas SeeosathTriton MonkApollo
Oris SeeosathTriton WarlockLeah

106NE Details

107NE - Metal Promenade

107NE - Gradbore's Judgment


You are a criminal. Smuggler, assassin, bootlegger or sellsword who knows better than to ask questions - where money is concerned the law of the land is of little concern to you.

You've been contacted by someone you've worked for before - Gradbore Cranston, head attendant to the Martens in East Campbell. This isn't like before though - he's not asking for some illicit deed for his patrons - he says it's personal.

You've been offered 1000g for one morning's work, and told that there's potential for a 1000g bonus - come out of this on top and you'll make as much money today as you've made in the past year.

Bring an experienced crimes guy, lv5, 1000g to spend on equipment and supplies or 500g and one magic item.

Player Characters

Character Type Player Notes
Bunny Human Fighter Leah Joined Gradbore in Goon's Landing.
Edron Skylark Half-Elf Monk Mira Joined Gradbore in Goon's Landing.
Honeybee Galette Elf Cleric Amy Set out to Spiral Hall.
Kharyl Masoumi Human Bard Tish Joined Gradbore in Goon's Landing.
Mister Liftoffelees Demi-human Barbarian Apollo Disappeared into dockhand work.
Rasleth Parm Human Rogue Dick Joined Gradbore in Goon's Landing.


  • Gradbore hires the group to extract Walter, who is described as being held against his will
  • The group determines Walter is here of his own accord
  • Sakara and Celebrant intercept the group
  • Bunny defuses the situation without killing Sakara or Celebrant
  • Upon delivery, Kharyl uses Zone of Truth to expose Walter's lies
  • Gradbore executes Walter Wadsward

107NE - Gradbore's Angels

Player Characters

Character Type Player Notes
Chego Yume Amy
Shriek Grissini Kay
Rasleth Parm Dick
Edron Skylark Mira