Seanit Beanit

Salamander Paladin

Champion of Garyx the Gold. Usurper of Garyx the Red.

Mavis Eddrlic

Half-elf Expert
Former attendant to Bob Crossroads, now anointed a Lord of Goon's Folly by Argyle.

Mimsy Robrim

Hobgoblin Tavern Owner
Owner of the Dragon Drop on Liarry.

Anna Rince

Doppelganger Sorcerer - Arcane Genius

A genius with a natural talent for mimicry, Anna learned a limited amount of magic on her own from occasional opportunities to observe it, second-hand accounts and books.

Brother: Armadillo Rince

Mother: Anchanca Rince (deceased 105NE).

The Bareknuckle Barnacle

Aarold Bethencourt

Captain of the Bareknuckle Barnacle

Aarold lives on her ship with her main crew, cutting deals and providing transport. Strictly freelance, she never likes to stay on one route for long.

Grodog Taiste

First Mate

Oldhed Bellièvre

Master Rigger

Odryn Moluc


Hringwe Fossard


Grishnag "Grish" Hrak

Quartermaster, Chef

Formerly of the Sea Star.

Former Crew

Arak Sagetrosh


Brightshield's Irregulars

Alain Thunderaxe
Arrad Boriol
Aznar Stonebear
Flubby Bubbits
Gran Gukvek
Griek Rougthughshtur
Grobbgarder Priggs
Iklan Spiritforge
Irar Stonesplitter
Kelsi Glozmul

The Swabs

Gashar Tellout
Socher Teeze the Unyielding
Gazrad Gnash
Grimbly Dee
Dick Jarvis
Old Drunk Margaret
Scurvy Kyle
Clinton Deezer
Gloria Hellena
Pat Chrapace
Logrush Bunta
Laney Standim
Gardette Marone
Dun'na Dun'kear



Kobold Warrior

Champion of Garyx the Red. Helped unite the kobolds of Salamanderhome in 104NE. Gathered up a crew and traveled to The Shambles in 106NE under instruction of Garyx to find and slay the other Dragon champions. Slain by the gold and platinum champions Seanit Beanit and Aloysius Thane in 106NE.


Kobold Warrior

Follower of Crunchface. True believer in Garyx the Red's message, which he interprets to be that anger is gods will, change of any kind is better than standing still, and fire is better than trees.

Slain in 106NE.

Marmalade Archdane

Human Noble

The head of East Campbell's most powerful family, an unpredictable and cruel woman who openly resents their reliance on West Campbell.

Sakara Archdane

Human Aristocrat
Heir to the Archdane portfolio in East Campbell.

Cedric Vanside

Celebrant Courcelles Archdane Vanside

Human Ranger

Daughter of Cedric and Edlyn Vanside who was adopted by the Archdanes after Cedric was killed at the Reaper King's Ball in 106NE.

Neutral / Other

Jonas Hammerhand

Franza Brightshield

Franza Brightshield

This mf dead

The Varchilde Institute of Extranatural Sciences

Vexatious Varchilde


The Sea Star


Defacto Captain


Captain (Deceased)

Freedom Silvertarn

Master Rigger (Deceased)

Lugdog Miliner

Shipwright (Deceased)

Gorbal Corman

Navigator (MIA)

Other Minor Characters

The Wrenchbasket Family, fishing village at Three King's Bay.
Smitty Rincewind, a silt farmer.
Altaloth Wolfspeak, an elven milf