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List of Gods

Titanic Gods

A pantheon of of primordial deities which hold together the fabric of reality.

Formation Gods

A pantheon of powerful deities directly involved in Arcadia's creation.

Planar Gods

Gods which reside in a realm besides Arcadia. They may be closely associated with the formation gods.

Demi Gods

Half-gods, heroes, Archfey and Great old ones fall into this category. Individual beings of such tremendous power they rival the gods.

Natal Gods

A pantheon of inexperienced gods in Arcadia which originated from the mortal population as Endlings.

God Rank Alignment Domains Pact Symbol
Azure Titanic God N Nature, Tempest - The Watchful Eye of The First Night
Baba Yaga Demi God CE Arcana, Death, Knowledge Archfey The Skull of a Shrike
Beep Planar God CN Trickery - A Golden Hand
Belobog Planar God LG Life, Order Celestial A White Handprint
Betelgeuse Formation God LE Death, Forge, Knowledge Undying A Hammer with a Skull emblem
Bibi Oab Natal God LG Order Genie The Stubborn Cudgel over a Brass Circlet
Chaos Titanic God CN Tempest Great Old One The First Star
Czernobog Planar God CE Death, Tempest Fiend A Black Handprint
Gommir Kol Planar God N Forge, Knowledge - Grapes on the Vine
King Fisher Planar God CN Nature Hexblade A Fish Skeleton
Neukvro Evr Formation God LN Order - The One-eyed Helm
Neukvro Ak Formation God LN War - A Hammer bursting forth from a Mountain
Oberon Formation God CG Arcana, Life, Light, Nature Archfey An Autumn Leaf
Olana of New Spring Planar God CG Life, Nature - A hare in a wreath of flowers
Prism Formation God LG Light, War, Tempest, Forge, Nature, Arcana, Trickery, Order Celestial A prism containing the Divine Light
Sjorn Planar God CN Trickery - A River flowing from Achor Illis
Sol Titanic God N Light, Order - The Cosmogonic Lantern
Titania Formation God CG Arcana, Life, Light, Nature Archfey A Moth made from crystal
Ugsyn Formation God CE Trickery Fiend A Carrion Beetle
Vei Planar God N Life, Light, Order, Trickery, War - A morning star, the head of which shines like the sun
Wrywall Formation God LG Arcana, Knowledge, Order Celestial A Crescent Moon
Zoremeya Planar God N Life, Knowlede, Grave - A Snake coiled around a beetle
Zudes Natal God NG Life, Order - A Flexing Torso


The List of gods above may be sorted into various Pantheons; groupings of gods which share worshippers, or have strong relationships with each other. Some gods belong to no Pantheon, while others may belong to several.

Dwarvish Gods

A group of gods who bho both created and are worshipped by Dwarven kind. The Dwarven pantheon resides in The Neukvro Evr Valley, but Dwarves have spread to multiple different planes where the Dwarven Gods are worshipped.

The Dwarvish pantheon is led by Neukvro Evr and Neukvro Ak. Their many children include:

Gods also affiliated with the Dwarvish Pantheon include:

Formation Gods

A group of Gods affiliated with each other by virtue of forging the ring world Arcadia together. Though celestial drama throughout the ages has put strain on their bonds, they are still worshipped as a whole by many mortals living on the ring.

Old Gods

In the The Neukvro Evr Valley, The Old Gods are a group of deities worshipped by the local mortals; They are native to that world, and predate the arrival of the Dwarvish, Elvish, and Goblin gods.

Praefell Gods

The Praefell gods are a chaotic blend of powerful spirits worshipped on the wild side of the rift.

The Seelie Court

A group of Gods and Heroes, organized under the leadership of Titania and Oberon in The Fairy Kingdom.


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