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Beep Dancing after stealing the Wizzey Man's coat
Titles Beep of Many Pockets, Beep of Hundred Handsies and 'Fousand Fingies, Beep; Queen of Thieves, Beep; Chiefest of Brudders
Home Plane Praefell Rift
Alignment CN
Symbol A Golden Hand
Domains Trickery
Allies King Fisher
Enemies Wrywall


Beep is a god from the wild side of Praefell Rift, and self-proclaimed chiefest Brudder. She is the god of Thieves, and encourages Brudders to embrace their natural 'Nicky Picky' nature.


Beep is often depicted as an average-looking Brudder, many of her legends and tales having her rely on her inconspicuous look in order to fool her enemies.

She wears a coat with an unlimited number of pockets.


Beep's closest ally is King Fisher, although some tales put her at odds with him in temporary rivalries.

Beep is enemies with most gods from the magic side of the rift; they almost always serve as her marks in her legendary heists. Her nemesis is Wrywall, who she and many rift Brudders refer to as “The Wizzey Man”.


Beep lives on the wild side of Praefell Rift. She is not an exceptionally powerful god, nor do her worshippers hold much mainstream sway. She is, however, exceptionally clever and talented, and this is reflected in many underground markets and dens of ill repute being controlled by her followers.


Beep's followers rally against society, formal law, and most rules. They encourage Brudders to embrace their curiosity, and advocate to abolish most modern ideas regarding personal property.

Followers of Beep name their enemies as all the “Bigwigs and Busybodies what live in nice Castlehouses and eat grapes and fishes what they did not pick nor catch”.

They do not combat their enemies with direct violence, and in fact try to avoid direct harm. Instead they prefer using their natural talents to steal from and fool the wealthy. Followers of Beep often redistribute these resources among their own communities, although charity is not part of any of Beep's philosophies.


Worshippers of Beep are almost always thieves, or are involved in an adjacent criminal enterprise.


Places of worship which are established where Beep is outlawed are small, secret, and tucked away. They can occupy a space as small as the hollow of a missing brick in a wall, or tucked away in a backroom closet.

Alternatively, Beep's temples which are established in places where Beep reigns are flamboyant, covered with colored fabrics, surrounded by live music, and bursting with golden offerings. They are often outdoors, easily seen and accessible (like in the middle of town square).


Offerings of Gold

Thieves on the job will leave a small offering of gold to Beep, to bring them good fortune. These offerings of gold always disappear after being made. It is unclear if it is Beep herself coming to collect the offerings, or another thief who can't resist their lust for gold. It is polite among followers of Beep to assume the former.

Holy Days

The Festival of Feeves

Worshippers of Beep host an annual festival, celebrating the victories and mourning the losses of that year's haul. There are games, prizes, and a “King of Feeves” who gets to throw gold coins to festival-goers in a small parade and sit at the head of the table at the “Feest of Feeves”.

In Arcadia, the Festival of Feeves is held throughout the Gap.

Myths and Legends

The Wizzey Man's Coat

In this tale, after many previous encounters, Beep is finally captured by the Wizzey Man. The Wizzey Man holds her in his grip, and ponders on how to design a prison from which Beep cannot possibly escape. On each idea he poses, Beep cleverly devises a way to escape from it.

Finally, the Wizzey Man thinks of a coat with a single pocket. Inside this pocket he will construct a labyrinth of never-ending halls from which Beep will never be able to escape; her pocket-picking prowess would be of no use to her from WITHIN his pocket.

At this idea, Beep cries and wails and begs for her freedom; The Wizzey Man believes this to be a sign that his plan will work. He orders his apprentice to set to work on the coat, and to keep Beep contained until it is finished.

As the apprentice finishes the coat, Beep pesters them with pointed questions about it's design, stoking their anxiety about failing their master. She demands to know how they can tell the labyrinth is truly unsolvable if all they can see is the entrance.

The Apprentices, fearing her words, double checks their work by turning the pocket of the coat inside out. The limitless halls of the labyrinth turn to limitless pockets, which lead to one large store room. At this, Beep escapes her cage, stealing the coat from the apprentice and escaping the Wizzey Man once again.

From this adventure, Beep gained her iconic Coat of Many Pockets.

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