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Zudes striking a pose
Titles The Swole Star,
Home Plane Arcadia
Alignment NG
Symbol A Flexing Torso
Domains Life, Order


Zudes is a Natal God from the world of Arcadia. He began life as a mortal Endling, ascending to godhood during the Age of Brine.


Zudes is the Swole God of Gains, a god who's entire portfolio is occupied by fitness-related functions.

Zudes is depicted as a large, VERY MUSCULAR blue glowing man in shorts. He is usually shown in a jolly mood, striking various bodybuilding poses.



Zudes was born a mortal on the ring world Arcadia.


Zudes' teachings are almost exclusively focused on fitness and exercise. He teaches his followers to live their life by routine, and accrues worship from his followers obtaining PEAK PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE in his name.

While Zudes himself is depicted as a bodybuilder, his dogma is not concerned solely on the bodybuilding aesthetics of fitness. It is understood that individuals require different forms of training, and that every individual may achieve very different results on their journey to PEAK PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE. Zudes requests, simply, that his followers HIT THE GYM.

Zudes teaches that physical fitness is a collective endeavor. Followers of Zudes push his teachings and philosophies as they often see the fitness of those around them being part of their responsibility.

The Book of Zudes

The book of Zudes is a documentation of Zudes' recorded workout routine from when he was a living mortal. It is a historical documentation of his life in the age of Brine, a set of core philosophies for how to live a good life, and a comprehensive workout plan.


Zudes is worshipped in Gyms, Colosseums, and Stadiums all around the ring - his symbol appears in most places that serve fitness functions. Many worshippers of Zudes do not worship him exclusively, but those who do hit the gym often and with vigor.

By dedicating their journey to PEAK PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE to him, Zudes rewards them with SWOLE GAINS.


While Zudes is represented in many gyms, Temples of Zudes are massive fitness complexes. They are equipped with every piece of fitness and sports equipment the local followers can afford.

Local followers of Zudes push to have their temples free to use for the public (although this is not always economically feasible). Due to their collectivist philosophy, they do what they can to improve the health and fitness of their community.



The Stretches that devout followers of Zudes perform before a workout session follow the various poses found in The Book of Zudes.

Bro Spotting

The Spotting of a gym partner during a lift is a sacred observance. With their partner there to defend them, a follower of Zudes can truly push their limit. Followers of Zudes consider spotting as a crucial, spiritual ritual where you assist those around you on their journey to PEAK PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE, and in turn they help you.

Beyond spotting at the gym, Bro Spotting can be expressed in small acts of helpfulness. It is not just to help with GAINS and LIFTING THINGS - It is about supporting and uplifting your community. It is about defending the people around you and helping those around you achieve their goals.

Bro spotting is much more than helping with a workout, it one of the core tenants of The Book of Zudes.

Day of Rest

Followers of Zudes appreciate that there are no gains without rest. Days taken off from GETTING PUMPED are spent studying, cooking, taking meals, and napping.

Holy Days

Feast of Cheats

During the Gap week, followers of Zudes who have reached their fitness goals hold a celebratory feast, where they eat whatever the hell they want.

Myths and Legends

Zudes and the Cyclops

A story detailing how Zudes challenged and defeated a legendary cyclops in a grueling Triathlon across Northbrink.

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