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Titles The Dwarven God King, The Patriarch, Allfather
Home Plane Neukvro Evr
Alignment LN
Symbol The One-eyed Helm
Domains Order
Allies Neukvro Ak, Gommir Kol, Sjorn
Enemies Czernobog, Belobog, Baba Yaga

Neukvro Evr

Neukvro Evr is the supreme ruler of the Dwarven pantheon and father to most other dwarven gods.


Neukvro Evr is depicted as a stout, muscular dwarf. He wears immaculate ornate armor, a flowing cape, and wields an axe. He is missing his left eye, and wears a helm shaped like the Neukvro Evr mountain, the left side of which was forged without an eye slot. His snow-white beard is a long, braided work of art.


Neukvro Evr's closest ally is Neukvro Ak.

Neukvro Evr has many divine children, including Sjorn and Gommir Kol.


Neukvro Evr

Neukvro Evr was not the first god to discover the small realm of Neukvro Evr, But he was the most powerful and named it after himself. He had wanted it to be a paradise for his Dwarves, but begrudgingly had to tolerate other gods and their worshippers.


Neukvro Evr and Neukvro Ak were invited to Arcadia to join the ranks of the Formation Gods.

Neukvro Evr was the first to break the mortal agreement of the formation gods, planting the Dwarven race on the ring to establish fortresses and bring order to the new realm.


Neukvro Evr demands his followers to be the most industrious versions of themselves; he demands that they control their surroundings and that they bring order to wild places. He is very pleased when a Dwarf Fortress is established, and rewards worship with prosperity and fortune.


Devout followers of Neukvro Evr are often high-ranking members of their community; Judges, Mayors, Merchants, Priests and Overseers. They work to enforce the law, establish new fortresses and trading routes, and to spread their influence and rule to their neighbors.


Temples of Neukvro Evr are grand but not Lavish. Always built underground, they are masterpieces of Dwarvish architecture. Temples are maintained by teams of Priests and Judges, open at all times to denizens of a fortress, and act as both places of worship and courts of Law.


Holy Words of the Patriarch

On the 1st, 3rd and 5th day of every week, devout followers of Neukvro Evr gather in temples for several hours to review the scriptures of Neukvro Evr, which also act as the Dwarvish law. It is a time reserved for both study and prayer.

Holy Days


Foundation is the first day of the new year.

During the year, a Fortress makes plans for expansion, and to further the reach of Dwarven kind. Foundation is the name for the feast that the ruler of a Fortress holds for the many Dwarves needed to execute these plans.

Myths and Legends

The Eye of Neukvro Evr

A legend depicting Neukvro Evr's hard-fought battle with the Baba Yaga.

Before his arrival in the valley, she ruled the chasms beneath the Neukvro Evr mountain. He expelled her and her wicked minions to secure a safe harbor for his multitude of Dwarves.

While he emerged victorious, the witch managed to escape his axe; but not before stealing his Left eye.

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