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Home Plane Arcadia
Alignment Lawful Good
Symbol The Stubborn Cudgel over a Brass Circlet
Domains Order
Allies The Many Eyes of the Cosmos
Enemies Prism

Bibi Oab

Bibi Oab is a Natal God who was born a mortal Endling during the Age of Conquest. She was one of the first Endlings to ascend who was dissatisfied with the Formation Gods and how their petty disagreements impacted the lives of mortals.


Bibi Oab's original appearance as a mortal has many contradictory accounts. She is often depicted as a horned woman wearing ornate yet muted clothing, and carrying a large, wooden club and a brass circlet.


Bibi Oab is a Rival of most Formation Gods, but especially the haughty Prism.

The exception is her one ally, the Many Eyes of the Cosmos, who seems to be inexplicably helpful towards her.


Bibi Oab does not have a realm to herself. The temple where she ascended is located somewhere along the gulf between Boscar and Shule.


Since her earliest days as an Endling, Bibi Oab has devoted her portfolio to protection, community, and resisting the forces of tyranny.


The worshippers of Bibi Oab are those who strive to sustain their communities.


Temples of Bibi Oab are unassuming, but large enough to accommodate large groups of people.



Holy Days


Myths and Legends

The Stubborn Cudgel

The Formation Gods, offended by Bibi Oab's criticisms, sought to smite her for her insolence. The Many Eyes of the Cosmos, eager for a game to witness, convinced them to stay their hand if she could complete an impossible task.

When the armies of Northbrink marched on the Kingdom of Shule, Bibi Oab travelled to their capital to help defend them. Shortly before she arrived, she was confronted by the Formation Gods and her task was made clear. If She could defend the Kingdom of Shule from Northbrink armed only with what the land provided, she would be allowed to live. If she failed, she would be punished for her insolence.

Stripped of her weapons, Bibi Oab sought whatever weapon she could improvise in the forest. The capricious Eyes of the Cosmos, hiding itself from the other gods, approached Bibi Oab, and confided that it did not want her to die; that it was endlessly entertained by her adventures.

The Many Eyes of the Cosmos then plucked a Badger from a nearby river bed, and planted it in the ground in front of Bibi Oab. There it sprouted a wooden branch so dense and so deadly, and single swing could fell ten men. Bibi Oab harvested the branch, which she dubbed The Stubborn Cudgel, and proceeded to the capital of Shule, where she successfully routed the Northbrink troops.

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