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A year in Arcadia is 355 days. These days make up ten months, each month corresponding to a Planar Well and consisting of 35 days each, and a 5-day gap week at the beginning of the new year.

Every new year, in conjunction with the Planar Well offset and the cycle of Arcadia's 5 moons, the year swaps it's cycle from either the Mine or Fury cycles.

Gap Week

Planar Weather Effect: Mild Weather.

Gap Week 1 - New Year's Day, Festival of Feeves (Lasts until end of Gap week), Foundation, Intake Examinations, Feast of Cheats


Planar Weather Effect: The Red, Red Lighting storm forms, rolling across the ring until the month’s end, at which point the Red, Red Lightning strikes.

Twins 1 - Storm Chasing Day

Twins 5 - Day of Forges


Planar Weather Effect: The various weather effects carry music throughout nature. Rain drops sound like strings, the wind like woodwork instruments, waves like drums, etc…


Planar Weather Effect: Celestial Objects are visually warped by space, appearing much larger or smaller than they actually are. Otherwise Mild Weather.


Planar Weather Effect: Light becomes sluggish. Day and night are separated by an hour of twilight.


Planar Weather Effect: Plant growth increases. Flowers bloom, pollen and insects fill the air.


Planar Weather Effect: Water runs an inky black; The eyes of the stars open, ready to observe. The wind blows with a chill, and leaves fall from the trees.


Planar Weather Effect: The strength of the spell weave increases, and its presence can be seen by the naked eye. Colourful rivers of arcane energy flow through the sky.


Planar Weather Effect: The wind blows cold, and snow falls. During the month of Dwarves, Volcanic activity dramatically increases.


Planar Weather Effect: The light of the day is warm and comforting. The weather becomes mild and clear.


Planar Weather Effect: Temperature extremes increase. The hot days are much hotter, and the cold days are freezing.

Elements 35 - New Year's Eve

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