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Needfest is the first week of winter, and the first week of the new year. It is a time of feasts and general indulgence, meant to bring some cheer and warmth into the winter. Needfest is mostly a time for connecting with family and community rather than a commercial festival or a major time for travel.

Commonly observed holidays during Needfest include Midwinter's Night on Needfest 4, and Promenade on Needfest 7.

Midwinter's Night

A festival that is typically observed by feasting and partying into the night. Some communities hold open kitchens, so that those who live alone or have small families can visit with neighbors.

Many parts of the world hold stories of a traveler who awards kindness on this night. It is generally agreed that if an unfamiliar person traveling alone and wearing foreign garb appears to your kitchen that it is good fortune to feed them. The specifics of the figure vary culturally;

Gnomes hold that the traveler is the spirit of a favored soul of Avandra, and showing them kindness bestows good luck.

Elves call the wanderer Sam-Who-Calls and consider him a trickster who may prank people who are insufficiently hospitable.

Humans and halflings refer to the ragman, an incredibly wealthy traveler who acts poor and rewards kindness with money.

Most religions have no particular opinion on this as it is a cultural tradition, but Devotees of the Broken Heart contend that the wanderer is The First Doppelganger, one of the three great sins that they believe cast Prasinos away from the Gods.


Mostly observed by elves and gnomes, during Promenade community leaders spend the day walking around town, meeting with common folk. Business owners and members of local councils are encouraged to share their wares and guidance with the less fortunate.

In Westwood, the elves celebrate exactly as described. In other parts of the world, elves hold fairly true to the traditions and elvish community leaders in non-elven communities will often do a version of Promenade to the degree that they are able.

In Ottombad, the King rides around town on a garish float, shaking hands with the public, handing out candies and treats to children and hard cheese to adults.

In Salamanderhome, Promenade is observed differently. Community members are encouraged to bring their eggs and young children before the salamander emperor (known as the Grand Dundis) who names them and and chooses a few to be raised by Dundis Court as attendants to the throne.

In the Shambles, the spirit of Promenade is kept in West Campbell to a degree. Though the ruling families are mostly human and dwarven and do not participate, there is a thriving multi-cultural community who have adopted the traditions. In East Campbell, some business owners hold tradition but to most the date is simply a parade with the community aspects mostly forgotten.

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