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The World of Arcadia

The Mortal nations living on Arcadia have divided the world into distinct countries and regions.

The Ring Divided by each well's annular sectors, continents, countries, Provinces, landmarks and/or settlements in a nested list:

Dark Twins Sector

Bodies of Land
Bodies of Water
  • The Sugic Current

Fantasia Sector

Bodies of Land
  • The Scapelands
    • The Rithmandis Empire
      • Rith
  • Ennora
    • The Ennoran Empire
    • The Imperial Cooperative of The Ennoran Empire's Menhir
      • Caester Arms
      • Stackopolis
    • The Plinthlands
Bodies of Water
  • The Ennoran Ocean

Bahamut Sector

Bodies of Land
  • Blemish
    • The Blemish
    • Sundor
    • Bahamut's Horns
Bodies of Water

Takachiho Sector

Bodies of Land
  • Koto Islands
Bodies of Water

Fairies Sector

Bodies of Land
  • Glade of the Royal World Tree
Bodies of Water

Abyss Sector

Bodies of Land
  • Heiwateki
    • Frost Garden
    • Roco
    • The Tidal Kingdom
    • Mill
    • Hideaway Bay
    • Morgenvoil
Bodies of Water
  • Heiwateki Sea
  • The Lonely Sea

Praefell Sector

Bodies of Land
  • Wrin
    • The Theocracy of Wrin
    • Broken Sail Islands
Bodies of Water
  • Froth
  • The Magic Sea
  • Pom Bom's Cradle

Neukvro Evr Sector

Bodies of Land
  • Deadlock
    • Gatterbluff
      • Gatterbluff City
  • Delpher's Teeth
Bodies of Water
  • Charybdis

Cosmic Citadel Sector

Bodies of Land
  • Mi
Bodies of Water

Elements Sector

Bodies of Land
  • Melicolé
  • The Perilous Spill
Bodies of Water
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