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The Briny Boys' symbol
The Briny Boys
Basic Information
Region Mudbridge
Leader(s) Ronin Kramer
Formed 80, AA
Symbol A Crocodile biting into a Pickle
Alignment Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Evil, Neutral Evil, Lawful Evil
Enemies The Broken Rooks

The Briny Boys

The Briny Boys are a gang of Smugglers operating out of Mudbridge. They control most of Dockside, and are the toughest, roughest, biggest, meanest on-toppest gang in da whole dang city.


The Briny Boys were formed in the 80th year of the Arcanical Age by the Kramer family. They have made their fortune smuggling various contraband (mostly guns) into both Shule and Boscar.

In 143 AA, The Briny Boys began a multi-year turf war with the Broken Rooks. After years of heavy losses, a small group of Briny Boys tracked down the Broken Rook's mysterious leader and defeated them in 145 AA.


The Briny Boys were bitter enemies with the Broken Rooks.


The Briny Boys work to maintain the operation of their smuggling enterprises. Beyond that, they also defend the culture and pride of Dockside Mudbridge, acting as a defacto authority for many common residents.


Members of the Briny Boys work for a time as low-level infantry, proving themselves valuable to the bosses within the organization. The initiation of a Briny Boy is a disturbing pizza-based affair.

Notable Members

Ronin Kramer - Human - Leader of the Briny Boys

Vinnie Kramer - Human - Ronin's younger cousin

Binky - Brudder - Artificer

Metal Gear Junior - Binky's Steel Defender

Carcharodon aka “Donny” - Hurok - Monk

Charlotte - Human - Fighter

Mandy - Human - Barbarian

Bingo - Crocodile - Vinnie's pet Crocodile and the Briny Boys' mascot

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