forcible text destruction engine
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back to gaia online! gaia online is one of the largest communities on the internet, with custom profiles, games, and him slightly blind from the smoke. Come out, slicing the air with her? I cant spell latin words. :whee: good to see her friend. Lets bring her to the bank in gambino, get a trading thing if you dont have one, then start a new trade with the person you wanna donate with. They take your gold and you get nothing. Thats all i got. :sweat: :: rolls about:: who here is afraid of the other scarf? @. @ have we won, we have to learn to be more patient with people. Im having one of the largest communities on the rafters and draws three stick figures* look its us! *she points and smiles*shara gave the girl, knocking them both to the basement. :twisted: fair enough, he smiles at seeing the tear. He looked again and saw no one.