forcible text destruction engine
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-looks helplessly at ren as she is pulled onto the dance floor- *grins* sorry, im getting bored of reading *she sighed*draw something. She looked up from her book* this is a good book. But im getting tired, see ya. Its not like were sex crazed. Just pervy. Xd; and slightly retarded. ^^; well, when were together, i have candy *sits on the floor laughing pirate! talk to the church before you go. Otherwise, god will not love you very much. ---- nice job! if i ever get hitched, ill pm ya! bump ~nods~ well im glad that others understand with me every day after school and teach me long division and algebra and stuffs like that.

Xd well, when were together, i have to go soon. Its 11:00 for me over here. Http://onlinerock. Com/clubs/l0nesakura//animation1. Gif *snif* t_t t_t soooo beautiful!!! all rise and watch the happy newlyweds walk back to gaia online forum index copyright 2005 gaia interactive * terms of service | rules & guidelines * | contact us * | faqs * | contact us * gaia store jisa charged into the smoke.