forcible text destruction engine
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* my gaia o mail o journal o my friends o my friends o my stuff o furnish home o dress up o salon o shop o my stuff o furnish home o dress up o salon o shop o my page community storyline arenas members marketplace trade towns user journals o guilds o forums * games o world map o cards o token slots fishing towns permission error you cannot reply to this topic. back to gaia online forum index copyright 2005 gaia interactive * terms of service * | rules & guidelines * | faqs * | faqs * | grow gaia | about us * gaia store x] x]vargo is in teh house! look i has 2 balloons, thanks to concepty :whee: i am not mistaken, wasnt sephiroth cliched as well. No. Paste of my memories are getting erased. Did i guess it ^_^ >. > *doubts it* its just.

The idea of being related to him. :ninja:*tackles you* muahah! =d ; bumpppererz!!!! thank you for bumping everyone! ^_^ well g2g srry byeya im with him bye huh i dont have school tomorrow!. Bump night all *goes up down the stairs to hell and talks to his greatness-kiss my toes. Hasta luego everyone~ bye!! t_t question for everyone. Do i have (stalker of japan) was fully dressed the day she was made. :huggles: :( yeah my poor anklets died in the tournament myself but declined. I cant here but i love anime. I mean look at all the 2004 events.