forcible text destruction engine
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:sob:aw, itll be okay ^^; somewhere in the ff series (not by looks, but theyre all gonna choke me hello. Hay how are you? ^^ teehee, sure thing. I love randomness and-youknowwhatiwantatoaster!- random random random! flying pumkins invaid your brain!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why does the world spin? I cant here but i :heart: you. *ten minutes later* i love you. Bump 133 i do.

Try out some doom/funeral doom metal too. St. Vitus, candlemass, early black sabbath, mental home, etc. I can eather let it grow out again, or die a slow, painful death. You need to buy one! hello? Hello :wink: hi :big: how are you, pinning you to the ground at the revelers. Http://img78.