forcible text destruction engine
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*not watching his running he crashes into anubis and both cats tumble into the darkness. He braces for an attack. She took off her hood.

I dont trust that balloon.

My head has pink deliciousness! :xd :3nod: :vein: :sweat: :heart: :heart: :domo: bump84 :domo: :heart: kc///yes, you did to that. She shivered lightly, the rest of my costemers gets a free gift from me! i am. So thats why im seaching but now im lost in this forest! she looked at sasuke once again. And in at :xd where everyone is looking :xd :xdi dont care i kill ppl ahd dam its fun :xdi wish i didnt let them go outside. Im engaged in rl, but when? *to tom* i know! *she said with a giant paint ball. :big: :big: :twisted: :evil:*appears in front her and tifa with his sword in a kind of dont mess with me people! :gonk: aha. O_o nothing is really new here, its great to have a choice.

These people gave me my origional magic and woke up my avi :xp: oh well if you dont got the balls to win this :scream:not a chance. Couse you dont mind, i dont want to that.