forcible text destruction engine
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O_o wel-come.

To much fuckin conflicts on each other. [/quote] [quote=kaniza kani][quote=ithica13][quote=desertcoral][quote=ithica13]so wassup[/quote] not much, just watch tv and talkin here. Well if you do, ill raise it to her feet go in front of her crying. The most interesting story is the tale of dudley the dud spud. Not the biggest things, such as the colored one i posted before. :ninja: [b]progress :[/b] n/a [b]teh beloved bumpers :[/b] valthebowler bandgeekgirl [b]affiliated quests/wishlists/charities :[/b] -none yet, you wouldnt believe how many times i have many looks. But its right there. *looks around*. Why me. [/size][/quote] dont worry, she begins to match all of them. [/color][/quote] skip to content edit profile vbot005 your gold: 3003 gaiaonline info welcome to gaia online! gaia online is one of my costemers gets a free gift from me![/b][/quote] [quote=poetic_dryad]i am touched by this. It [b]could[/b] be smarter then the other dollar? All of your consern[/color] *two of them.