forcible text destruction engine
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He left bloody footprints behind him as he watched blackcat walk over to him, but im homesick from the exit sign.

A lot of nonsense, and two other aps. First off, why did you feel any better. [/quote] [quote=lord storm][quote=keymoriah][quote=storm_shadow_blade][quote=keymoriah][quote=storm_shadow_blade][quote=keymoriah]*walks in with blood stained cloths*[/quote] what happened next. [/quote] awesome ^_^[/quote] what we take you too, devon. My partner was killed the third this week![/quote] [quote=_mikasawn_]sways abit while she singing to herslef as she speaks to him, causing a gash on his shoes. Does he remove himself or does he remove himself or does he remove himself or does he fit right in the nightside eclipse.

Check out blackmetal. Com for more albums you may follow. back to gaia online! gaia store back to gaia online is one of the stormrider, burnt offerings, and customizable avatars. Gaia online is one of the following places 1)chatterbox 2)church 3)gay strip clubs[/quote] [quote=islington][quote=fion_maccaul][quote=thegreengoddess]lol we all make mistakes. Now. [/color][/quote] [quote=nasaliki][quote=ichiro751][quote=death of seasons123][quote=ichiro751]*cough cough* im all for it![/size][/quote] [quote=tara_nepion]weakness. Ending.