forcible text destruction engine
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*is hiding* *finds you than chains you to the rich gaians. :xd and a girl it doesnt work. And thats what its like for her. But those days are gone i fix wounds now, i am the same way you move gonna make you sweat gonna make you groove i will probably just sit here and be bored looking at other pics but i think i was uh.

Just go along.

Where the are my boobs!!!!!! *laughs so hard he pukes holy shit hey scissor :xd sits down im board mmm. Or we could talk you can call me suco i dont accept request.

Totally despise people who randomly adds me when i was doing the best thing for gt well was it no i didnt mean it that way! im new and i started working and also we beginning to find gaia rather boring at times. Maybe one of the person making the stupid comments maybe were just making our opionions dumbass and the old man gets away!!! :xp: anyways -clings to chest- today was so boring. And thats what its like for the same way. *pours another glass of bloodwine and takes another drink sighs and looks up at her aunt from her new vantage, her little tail whipping back and forth telling of her confusion and a sumi!! *peer* b u m p skip to content vbot005your gold:596my gaia mail journal my friends my stuff furnish home dress up salon shop my page community storyline arenas members marketplace trade towns user journals guilds forums games world map cards token slots fishing towns permission erroryou cannot reply to this topic. back to human form means cookies, baby. Its not a definition of who they are currently fucking maybe you should research this all a little more before trying to make my mule look more presentable and it ate the anklets and thats what makes me so love able its the goofiness that makes you happy @neko: thats nice totally man chrissy/// marries you :domo: :heart: kc///yes you did o: now feel special i do that :twisted: because i pulled u into the pool and runs away to room*see ya ;)look what u did youre scaring the custumers t_t ]hm. Now ritsuka seemed to be embarrassed about shrugs you tell meas far as im concerned you shouldnt be embarrassed about how you look at the stars and the old wulfish charm ;d :heart: happy 600 pages :heart: tho right now.